A slap on the board




A slap on the board. That is, in a few words, the coronavirus crisis that threatens to take away political, economic and social structures that have already been eaten away. This pandemic with a haunting basketball team name, Covid-19, has exposed a body that was naked in itself, a collective devoid of any shred of leadership, who lost self-respect years ago, just when it started. to grope institutions in broad daylight.

The slap has blown all the chips, smashed the dice against the wall and smashed the rules of a game where they should always win, accustomed to "you do not know who you are talking to", to order and CEC knock command. Do you remember that Competitiveness Council? I will not give specific names of its members, but almost everything started with it as an institution.

The fact is that the virus has stripped the wood from the public and private fabric and has exposed the seams of a squad of politicians and businessmen, badly stitched and even worse sewn. And in these, Lagarde came out and gave birth to a mouse. Leaving in evidence the limitations of the authority that really needs to lead, an ECB stunned in the face of the crisis like a rabbit in front of the high beams of a car. It took little time for the new team to miss their predecessor, Mario Draghi. Today's recipe for "other times, other ways" cannot compete with that "I will do what is possible and, believe me, it will be enough" that spurred the European economy in July 2012. And it is that passing the hot potato to each government of the Union, claiming that it is not to reduce risk premiums, although it has a point of poetic justice, it does not seem the solution in the dark scenario. Because then what is she for? And why the ECB? And there, behind the scenes, continues our representative, former minister Luis de Guindos, who nobody knows if he will metaphorically do, a Pablo Iglesias these past days (too many until he decided to appear in full quarantine and without a mask) removing himself from the middle, the same for if so much viral bustle runs the ladder. Let's warm up, in case you have to jump into the field!

But don't be fooled. The total absence of leadership is not the patrimony of the public. No way! and so it goes! And the happy virus had to come just now that someone was reinventing capitalism, in full reset, with the tune that the world deserves an economy that truly allows each person to succeed through effort and creativity. Although the idea was the opposite, that no one would realize that it was not so, that the game had a trick. How to make a pink elephant go unnoticed in the middle of Times Square? Easy, filling Times Square with pink elephants.

Now the board has been blown up and it's time to tie the males and play for real, because the game starts again. This "coronacrisis" will mean at least a year? (I pray that it is much less) of parenthesis in the economic life of companies, definitive hemlock for many and saving oxygen for some, democratically equaled by a virus that makes it impossible to distinguish which part of the slap corresponds to continued poor planning and management, and what percentage is attributed to the pandemic of Asian origin. The balance sheets are exposed, and everyone knows very well what they have at home.

So the ECB may now be really dedicated to stimulating the European economy effectively; that the Executive govern and stop marketinian traps to cling to La Moncloa plurinational; banks to think of much more ambitious scenarios than to understand a possible marriage of convenience between BBVA and Bankia as a settling of accounts and a moral restraint; that employers do not just wait for a balsamic "Deus ex machina" to resolve the critical situation. Shoemaker to your shoes. A matter of leadership ... but really.

Where are the provost of the Ibex 35? What are the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) lessons of talent and long-term vision beyond self-surviving reactions and cures for acetaminophen and sticking plaster? Except for the knock given this week by the president of Telefónica -not a panacea but enough to remember something vital like the "service mission" of large companies-, and who was followed by others with a similar message, some banker, energy and little more; the rest, to his. More of the same, trying to regroup their tokens from the board to obtain a competitive advantage no matter what happens: that the reputational crisis is forgotten by very serious eavesdropping and follow-ups, that the failed galactic signings go on to better lives, that the bombastic air and tourist acquisitions they become heavy slabs, that assets in Ibero-America jump through the air ... But, I repeat, the board has broken - if it is forever it will be seen over time - and now it's time to roll up our sleeves and rewrite the rules.

Meanwhile, they tell me around that there is no shortage of business figures who these days continue to cherish the idea that the sanitary occurrence of Navarra of rescuing doctors from the reserve to fix the current mess should be extended to the business level. Dreaming does not cost money ... this is Spain, you never know, tell Iglesias!

It is not a matter that the blind continue to be confused with those who see clearly, even though the latter are in an absolute minority. It is more urgent than ever a division of attitudes, to fulfill the Ortega mandate and that each one bears on his shoulders the responsibility that corresponds to him and does not load the other one. Does it ring a bell? And then, God take us confessed.

María Jesús PérezMaría Jesús PérezEditor-in-chiefMaría Jesús Pérez


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