July 25, 2021

A skull-shaped asteroid will approach Earth on Sunday

A skull-shaped asteroid will approach Earth on Sunday

The asteroid 2015 TB145, better known as the asteroid «Asteroid Halloween» or «Asteroid Skull» (due to its shape) will approach the Earth next Sunday November 11. Three years ago, in 2015, it has already approached the planet.

On this occasion the closest approach of the asteroid will occur on Sunday and will be located 383,000 kilometers from us, about 105 times the average distance between Earth and the Moon. It is an asteroid with large dimensions, some 650 meters in diameter. Its low brightness and distance makes this time only visible with large telescopes. It is, indeed, a very dark asteroid, it only reflects six percent of the light it receives from the sun. Its rotation period is around five hours and it takes 3.04 years to complete its orbit.

It was discovered in October 2015. On October 31 of that same year he approached Earth, in that case, to 486,000 kilometers. According to the latest analysis, once it passes through Earth, it will not return to the planet until 2027.


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