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A single document from a social service will accredit the battered throughout Spain | Society

A single document from a social service will accredit the battered throughout Spain | Society

It did not Rebeca Alexandra Cadete. Neither Rosa Romero. Neither Leonor Muñoz. Neither they nor other 11 more than 15 women murdered by their partners or ex-partners in 2019 They had denounced their aggressors. Were murdered without sounding the alarm, without the Administrations knowing the ordeal they were going through. It occurs in three out of four cases, according to official data. The fear of the aggressor, not to be understood by justice, the minimization of risk ... Multiple reasons explain why they do not want to file a complaint with the police or the courts. But that should not prevent their protection, the detection of danger, for example through social services, where they can prove their status as victims of sexist violence and access the planned aid, as is already the case in some communities. Even if they are moved, this document will be valid throughout Spain.

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The Ministry of Equality and the autonomous communities meet today, precisely to approve this unique document. In August, after including changes in the State Pact against Gender Violence approved in 2017, this accreditation was extended to other specialists. There are already communities and cities where it is applied, in some cases for years, but usually only to facilitate access to part of the aid or protection services.

The Comprehensive Law against Gender Violence established in 2004 that, in order to reduce or reorder their working hours, to change their destination in their companies or to allow them to be absent for as long as they need, women had to prove their condition of victims through judges or police. The State Pact against Gender Violence, approved in 2017, extended the possibility of caring for victims even if they do not denounce, as the Istanbul Convention also stipulates, the agreement of the Council of Europe that Spain signed in 2014: "The provision of services should not depend on the will of the victims to take legal action or to testify against any author of crime. "

The agreement, which must be ratified on Wednesday, extends this rating of social services to all the autonomous communities. The communities and the Government have agreed, according to sources of the negotiation, that officials of official bodies be in charge in all cases-such as municipal social services, women's institutes, reception services ...-. Thanks to the common model, victims should not repeat bureaucratic procedures if they move away from their aggressor.

It does not affect abusers

The accreditation, in any case, does not affect or indicate the alleged abusers. "It has no effect against the aggressor, it is only to help the victim and get her out of the violence. But, once in the courts, these social services can write reports that help the judge, "explains Maria Naredo, director of Prevention and Attention to Gender Violence of the City of Madrid, where these accreditations have been working for years" through specialized services. "

This specialization is also claimed by Marta Cárdaba, an expert on gender violence at the Social Work Council: "Situations of sexist violence are detected in health centers, social centers, with professionals who care for these women also for other matters. And for that reason, all must have a systematic, generalized and obligatory training ".

The meeting of the communities and the Government will also serve to distribute the 100 million euros per year for autonomy provided by the State Pact.

Two murders confirmed in a day

The government has confirmed on Tuesday the murders of two women, which bring to 15 the number of fatalities in 2019 2019 and 990 since 2003.

Just three hours after landing at the airport in Alicante, uA woman of about 40 years and Hungarian origin was found dead in an apartment in the urbanization Pueblo Bravo de Rojales (Alicante). His partner, 49 years old and of the same nationality, was arrested.

In La Laguna (Tenerife), the ex-partner of a woman who was burned to death in January in the same municipality was arrested on Tuesday. He is accused of murder and is scheduled to go to court today. The number for victims of gender violence is 016. It leaves no trace on the invoice, but it must be removed from the call register.


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