A shared party | sports

A shared party | sports

This coming Sunday, Madrid will enjoy a universal spectacle, a football match for history. Although we would have liked very much that the final of the Copa Libertadores between River Plate and Boca Juniors had been held in Buenos Aires, where it should have been held under normal conditions. But when it takes place in Madrid, we are proud that Madrid is a city of peace. I want to welcome all the fans and encourage them to enjoy within the framework of the best values ​​of sport, which have to do with fraternity, fun and meeting.

I encourage Madrilenians and Argentines to enjoy our streets, our culture and our cuisine. Madrid has always had an Argentine accent that has flown over the best of our sky. In the world of the arts, including football, we have always felt your influence and we can not think without your contribution. Our ties were always a round trip.

Madrid is happy to receive this football match because it is a welcoming and welcoming city. You come here when the weather is cold, but I'm sure you'll feel the warmth of our neighbors. I hope it is a shared party, where colors mix and distances are shortened by a few days.

A month ago, we celebrated the II World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for Coexistence and Peace in the Matadero cultural center. In that scenario we talk about sport and violence in sports, which is something that this City Council is very concerned about. We point out the importance of education and respect, as well as the necessary exemplary nature of the athletes who reach the top.

Madrid embraces you and awaits the exemplary behavior of all, so that this party becomes a symbol for the world that the passion of sport is a shared emotion, with respect and tolerance. Only one of the two teams can win. I wish you both the best of luck on the court. I am convinced that there will not be the slightest act of violence, on the contrary, I hope it is a good moment to show that knowing how to be is the best recognition as honest people and fans of legendary football clubs. We hope that the sport wins, that the match will be a respectful and meaningful embrace of peace between Madrid and Buenos Aires.

Manuela Carmena is mayor of Madrid.

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