A serious sick person like Zaplana should not be in jail

A serious sick person like Zaplana should not be in jail

The vice president of the Valencian Government, Monica Oltra, has insisted today that "no person" who is seriously ill, like the former president of the Generalitat and former minister Eduardo Zaplana, must be in prison, and has urged to review "the humanization of the system penitentiary".

In statements to the media in a visit to a social center in Valencia, Oltra has responded well to being asked about the hospital situation of Zaplana, admitted for nine days at the Hospital La Fe for complications in his health as a result of the leukemia that suffers.

The leader of Compromís recalled that he already expressed this opinion on the situation of Zaplana in August, and reiterated that this position "applies to him and to anyone, and there are many" such as the ex-politician of the PP who are serving sentences suffering from serious illnesses .

"It is a subject to review" and not only for the specific case of these months that concerns Eduardo Zaplana, according to Oltra, for whom prison "is not a place for a seriously ill person".

"We must review the situation of humanization of the penitentiary system, Zaplana is a well-known person but there are many anonymous in equal or more serious situations that should be reviewed, I already said it in August and has not changed my opinion about it", he has sentenced.

For her part, the exconsellera with Zaplana and specialist in Hematology Alicia de Miguel has published an article in the newspaper El Mundo where she demands "a humanitarian behavior" for whoever was its president, both in the Consell and in the PP of the Valencian community.

For De Miguel, if the chief of Hematology of La Fe "affirms that Eduardo Zaplana runs a very serious life risk and presents a potentially fatal situation, not believing it at face value and acting accordingly is a temerity to which I can not find any rational explanation And I do not find it because it does not exist. "

It also addresses "those who impart justice" to hear the voices of those who ask for the former president "humanity" before his current state.


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