A seminar addresses the evolution of the Iberian territories overlooking the Atlantic – La Provincia

A seminar addresses the evolution of the Iberian territories overlooking the Atlantic - La Provincia

The limits of the Iberian world and, in particular its Atlantic borders, center the axis of the contents of the program of the International Seminar Iberian Territories and Atlantic Identities, which jointly celebrate the House of Columbus Y Africa House on April 10 and 11.

The evolution of these margins throughout history, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, will arouse the interest of an appointment that drives, in addition to Casa de Colón and Casa África, the University Institute of Analysis and Textual Applications (IATEXT) of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the CHAM-Humanities Center of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. The sessions will take place with free admission until the capacity of the rooms planned for the development of the same in the Casa de Colón and Casa África is completed.

The lectures given will allow attendees to have a basis to better understand the long-term processes that have affected these Iberian borders in the Ocean, as well as encouraging debate about the transformation of local identities to the current era of globalization

The seminar is coordinated by Javier Luis Álvarez Santos, Juan Manuel Santana Pérez Y Germán Santana Pérez, teachers of Department of Historical Sciences of the ULPGC.


The program begins this Wednesday, April 10 in Africa House, at 9.30 am, with the intervention of Juan Marchena Ferna? Ndez, of the Pablo de Olavide Universitywho will present the paper The Atlantean Islands in the context of European expansion: 15th to 19th centuries. From Azores to Sao Tome. Next, Roberto J. Gonza? Lez Zalacain, of the University of La Laguna, will speak on Maritime border and identity (s): the case of the port societies of the Andaluci? A atla? Ntica.

In the afternoon, this same day, the Casa de Colón will host two other talks. At 4:00 p.m. Margarita Rodri? Guez Garci? A, of the Autonomous University of Madridwill present your perception of Ultramarine diasporas: the new Portuguese Christians in the configuration of the Portuguese Empire. At 16.40, Francisco Jose? Di? Az Marcilla, (IEM-NOVA, FCSH) will present its Reflections on the ideas that forged the spirit of the Atlantean expansion. Evangelization, possession, settlement (XV-XVI centuries).

On the second day, on Thursday, April 11, it will be again Africa House the headquarters of the first papers. At 10.00 David Wheat, of the Michigan State University, will focus his talk on the Confluences Santa Cruz de La Palma in the slave trade towards Cartagena de Indias. At 10.40, Adolfo Cueto Rodri? Guez (IHC-NOVA, FCSH) will expose Portugal seeks its site: Between the atlatical dimension and the European option (1945-1974).

The seminar returns to the House of Columbus during his afternoon sessions, with the last three interventions. Those of Sergio Herna? Ndez Sua? Rez, of the ULPGC, which has entitled its conference Establishment and conflicts of the First Court of the Indies in the Canary Islands (4pm), David Marti? N Marcos, of the National University of Distance Education, which will talk about the Belongings, territories and demarcations: borders and unimagined in the Iberian world, XVII-XVIII centuries (4.30 pm) and José? Luis Go? Mez Urda? N? Ez, from the University of La Rioja, which will close the session with his dissertation entitled The first round the world and the origins of globalization (5.20 pm).

The set of contents offer a journey through essential phenomena throughout Atlantic history to globalization. In addition, the seminar promotes a very complete perspective that feeds the debate on the evolution of an Iberian identity in the Atlantic, making visible the latest research on Iberian margins. For this, the speakers present their conclusions after following a line of work in which they apply different perspectives of analysis: social, political, economic or cultural.


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