January 24, 2021

A selfie with the Earth in the background

A selfie with the Earth in the background

The Israeli lunar module «Bereshit» (Genesis) today sent his first selfi from space, 37,600 kilometers from Earth, in his road to the Moon where it is planned to pose next April 11.

In the photo, taken during a slow turn of the ship, it appears the plate installed with the Israeli flag and the inscriptions «Am Yisrael Chai» (The people of Israel live) and «Small country, big dreams» and, in the background, the Earth with Australia clearly visible.

The unmanned module, weighing 585 kilos and about 1.5 meters, was placed in orbit on February 22, the first mission of this country, and the first space voyage in history entirely supported by donations and dedicated to educational

SpaceIL, a private and non-profit entity, and the Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI) state group is in charge of this project, which has cost 100 million dollars (88.1 million euros).

Once on the lunar surface, «Bereshit» will measure the magnetic field of the satellite, simultaneously send images and videos, being equipped with cameras, magnetic sensors and transmitters that will send the information to the Earth.

In addition, he wears a time capsule with digital files the size of a coin that includes a Torah (Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible), drawings made by Israeli schoolchildren, a copy of the national anthem and a flag of Israel, as well as Israeli literature, photos and songs.


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