A security flaw in the latest version of iOS allows access to the photo album on the iPhone – La Provincia

Un iPhone X.

A security failure in theiOS version 12.0.1allows, once physical access to the device has been achieved,access the photo album and send them via Apple Message.

The cybersecurity company ESET has warned of a failure in Apple's operating system. Since the publication of researcher José Rodríguez, the company explains that the ruling is in the possibility oftake advantage of Siri and VoiceOver to break the device's authenticationor.

Vulnerability is present in all models ofiPhone, includingiPhone XYXS, that are working with the latest version of the iOS operating system (v.12.0.1). Therefore, a third party withphysical accessthe device can skip the access code, access the photo album and send them via Apple Message.

Apple, according to ESET, "is aware of the existence of this failure and is expected to launch an update soon to repair it." While,the company urges users not to leave their phone within reach of third parties,"since the only way to exploit the vulnerability is by having physical access to the device."


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