A score of police close the Holy Week in the trial of "procés"

A score of police close the Holy Week in the trial of "procés"

The trial of the "procés" today closes the Holy Week with the testimonies of a score of agents of the National Police who tried to prevent the holding of the referendum on October 1, 2017, declared illegal, in several schools in Lleida in which they resulted wounded.

These are agents of the Police Intervention Unit (UIP) of the National Police, known as riot police, which are expected to continue the story of hostility and resistance, often violent, that were found in several centers on 1-O and which many witnesses have been reporting for several weeks.

The intervention of the agents cited for today is limited to schools in Lleida such as the Official School of Languages, the health center of the Cappont district, the Capparella Institute or the Adult Training Center Juan Carlos I.

Today is a day, number 33, monopolized almost entirely by the National Police but will also have the statement of a Civil Guard agent who was also injured on 1-O and could not declare on April 4 , when I was quoted.


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