A score of groups urge the Government to continue with the processing of the animal protection law

More than 20 professional and civil groups have expressed their support for the processing of the animal rights and protection law and urge the government of Spain to resume the procedure for its approval. These groups, including the Canary Islands Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare, invite all groups that carry out their activity with animals, as well as society as a whole, "to support the processing of this law, to convert it at the inflection point, strengthen the sustainability of these activities and guarantee a more dynamic society committed to animal welfare ".

The Spanish Government has launched the draft Law on the protection and rights of animals in order to create a national standard, until now non-existent, that regulates the relationship between people and the animals with which they live, for a better protection and welfare of both animals and society as a whole. Pacma recalled that this law, "long awaited as necessary, has been recently slowed down by certain disparities in certain sectors, in disagreement with some mechanisms to improve sanitary conditions and veterinary requirements, among others, of dogs and cats, which is included in the draft. "For this reason, he considers it necessary to transcend society that it is vital that" the regulations change, moving towards better control of the responsible ownership of domestic animals, as well as the activities that are carried out with them. "For the animalist party," Spanish society will be the first beneficiary of the improvement of the regulations on the conditions for the possession and exercise of each activity with animals, without affecting their well-being: care, food, health, sociability and leisure ".

For this, Pacma considers that some sectors of activity should modernize and adapt their activity in accordance with the best practices and the most advanced independent scientific knowledge, such as animal ethology, zoology or veterinary medicine "applying the best Spanish experience adjusted to Law, to provide greater legal security for the protection of these animals and thus their influence on the way of life and health ". This group of more than 20 collectives, which brings together several hundred lawyers, veterinarians, jurists, security forces and teachers, as well as protection entities, among others, invite sectors that use some animal species for certain activities, such as in the case of dogs used for hunting, herding or surveillance to join in urging the Government to legislate to "Give them equal living conditions without influencing whether they are used for one purpose or another by people."

Animalists believe that the abilities of animals, which in certain sectors are increased through training from birth, "should stop marginalizing these animals when it comes to protecting them so that their lives are dignified, and thus protect society itself" .

This group of collectives also invites all citizens and other entities concerned about the protection of animals and the relationship of people with them, to support the law under the motto #lavozdelosanimales and urge the Government of Spain to continue on the path of comprehensive animal protection. They also show their support for the initiative 'Union for animals', made up of more than 300 entities, which has been recently presented.

In addition, given the possible social perception that there is a duality between animalistic and hunting positions and those of other sectors, they consider that it is independent scientists and technicians, concerned about animal protection and joint progress with European policies, who constitute the best guarantee for society and the Government to achieve the achievement of the approval of this unprecedented law in Europe. For this reason, they are working on a document that will collect the scientific and legal evidence that justifies the definitive unlocking of the Law on Protection and Rights of Animals.


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