A.Saudi says that Khashoggi died in a fight at the Istanbul consulate

A.Saudi says that Khashoggi died in a fight at the Istanbul consulate

The Attorney General of Saudi Arabia revealed that the journalist critical of the regime Yamal Khashoggi died in a shell in the Saudi consul in Istanbul according to preliminary investigations, reported today the official news agency SPA.

Other official media announced, in addition, the dismissal of two senior officials, without mentioning whether it is related to this case.

The agency, which cites the Saudi General Prosecutor's Office, explained that the conversation between Khashoggi and the people who received him when he went to the diplomatic legation in that Turkish city resulted in a "fight" and a "clash with hands" that caused the death of the journalist.

The Prosecutor General's Office also assured that the investigations continue and that 18 Saudi nationals are being detained in a preventive manner in this case until "the whole truth is announced" and "everyone involved in this case is brought to justice." .

On the other hand, an anonymous responsible source quoted by the SPA agency said that the suspects went to Istanbul to meet with Khashoggi because there was information that he was about to return to the kingdom, after having remained in exile for his critical positions with the Saudi royal house.

According to that source, the conversations that the suspects had with the journalist did not develop as planned, which generated a confrontation between them that ended with the death of Khashoggi.

At the same time as the preliminary results of the investigations were known, Saudi state television announced the dismissal of the deputy director of the kingdom's secret services, Ahmad Asiry, and of the Royal Council member Saud Qahtany, without giving further details on the reasons or the relationship of both with the Khashoggi case.


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