Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

A ruling dictates that a Glovo deliveryman is a self-employed fake and adds more confusion to the legal framework

Una sentencia dicta que un repartidor de Glovo es falso autónomo y añade más confusión al marco legal

A court of Madrid has dictated in a judgment known this Wednesday that a delivery boy Glovo is a false self-employed and that there is an employment relationship with the company. The decision, which deals with dismissal, hits the published just a week ago he said the opposite, so it adds more confusion to the legal status of workers.

So far, two rulings have been issued in Madrid that give the reason to Glovo and say they are not false self-employed. The well-known one now goes in opposite sense and in the line of the one dictated by a court of Valencia, but that in this case treats on Deliveroo's distributors. Thus, paying attention in Glovo, has two judgments in favor of their interests and one against.

In this regard, it is not expected that within three years there will be a judgment of cassation that definitively clarifies the legal landscape of workers in the sector, According to legal sources.

End of relationships

The worker was fired after participating in a strike, according to the defense

Regarding today's ruling, which corresponds to the Social Court No. 33 of Madrid and deals with the dismissal of a worker allegedly for participating in a spontaneous strike in September 2018, it states that "the work relationship of the delivery workers is employment, applying in its entirety to it the Labor and Social Security norms proper to salaried work ", according to a press release. UGT, who exercised the defense.

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