A Romanian makes his debut at Athletic | sports

A Romanian makes his debut at Athletic | sports

The score was already downhill, and in this Ganea came out, and a change that is not usually news with 4-0 on the scoreboard and the Cup elimination against Huesca almost resolved for Athletic (the round of sixteen postponed in its day for a concert in San Mamés), it was, because it was not just any debutant, but Cristian Ganea, a boy who was born in Romania; who arrived in Bilbao at the age of 11, and who, moreover, did not form in Lezama, but in several teams from Bizkaia, and went to Mallorca B, and then to the Romanian League, which was led by Gica Hagi. So, finally, their parents can hang their shirt in the bar of Basauri they run, and proudly show the parishioners. He had twenty minutes, made a couple of fouls on the side, combined with Yuri, and was happy.

Athletic is also happy when Aduriz is happy, and Aduriz is happy when he scores goals. Williams is happy when he looks at the horizon and sees the road ahead. In front of Huesca, I was looking and there was a two-lane highway with no speed limit. I was happy. In one of those experiments that the coaches sometimes do, or because he had no choice, under the circumstances, Francisco, the coach of Huesca, placed a midfielder, the Serbian Brezancic, to cover the band for which Williams had to run. , and the rehearsal did not come out, because the rojiblanco did not respect the speed limits, and ran unchecked by the band whenever he felt like it, and from his right boot came the decisive moves, the actions that tipped the tie towards Athletic .

Aduriz scored the first in a header, after a foul that was made to Williams and Beñat took. Insúa, on his own goal, made the second after a pass from Iñaki, a taco from Muniain and the center from the Williams line that cleared Werner and bounced off the defense. With the Huesca with his arms down, Aduriz, once again, resolved the combination – always on the left – of Williams with De Marcos. Brezancic will dream about them, or he will not be able to sleep thinking about them.

The Serbian remained in the shower at the break, but the picture changed little. The Huesca had a couple of attempts that disrupted Unai Simón, who occupied the red and white goal, and Beñat, more inspired than in the League, sentenced the tie with a free-kick that overcame the barrier from above and fell like a shell to the base of the post to beat Werner. Then came Cristian Ganea, the first Romanian to play at Athletic, and his parents will be able to frame the shirt at their bar in Basauri.

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