A robber kills a child and two adults in the theft of a jewelry store in Thailand

A robber killed a two-year-old boy and two adults during an armed robbery of a jewelry store in a province north of Bangkok before fleeing with his booty, police sources said Friday.

In images captured by the security cameras of the robbery perpetrated last night in a jewelry store in Lopburi, which have been made viral, it can be seen how the child falls to the ground by the impact of a bullet and the robber shooting after two other people.

At a press conference, the deputy head of the National Police, Wirachai Songmetta, said they are investigating the event and asked for the citizens to help arrest the robber, whom he defined as a dangerous person.

Wirachai said the robber, who wore a silencer weapon and dressed in a balaclava and camouflage clothing, escaped with several gold necklaces valued at more than $ 15,000.

The deputy chief did not confirm whether he is a person with police or military training, but he was a weapons expert.

According to local media, the boy could die from a lost bullet that hit his head.

The robber escaped on a motorcycle and the fatalities are, in addition to the minor, a security guard and the jeweler, and there are four other people wounded by gunshot.

Thailand is one of the countries in the world with the largest number of weapons, with more than 10 million legal and illegal, with an average of about 15 per hundred people, according to the Gun Policy organization, dedicated to collecting data on its legal marketing and Illegal sale.


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