A river of fire devastates Callejón de La Gata, Todoque and the industrial estate

The volcano, during an overflow of lava that occurred early in the morning today,

The volcano, during an overflow of lava that occurred early in the morning today,

The Cumbre Vieja volcano has been shown especially virulent During this morning, creating a river of fire that advances unopposed, taking with it entire neighborhoods such as El Callejón de La Gata and what was left of Todoque, in addition to practically making the industrial estate of Los Llanos de Aridane disappear.

La Palma will dawn today with an even more daunting image that he slept with last night. The stream continues its advance north reaching Todoque’s pharmacy and the few buildings that still stood in this neighborhood, which today is two weeks old since its church collapsed.

Another of the languages ​​advances further north and, with a speed of about six meters an hour, during the early morning it has passed over practically the entire El Callejón de La Gata Industrial Park. Around three in the morning, the lava was located at the gates of the Clean Point of Los Llanos de Aridane, according to sources from the emergency teams working there.

Another neighborhood that has been affected by these new languages, which began to originate during the early hours of Friday to Saturday due to a fracture in the north of the volcano, is El Callejón de La Gata. The more than thirty houses that had been left standing after the passage of the main flow were engulfed during the last hours by the solidified magma, as confirmed by the same sources.

If it continues with the natural channel, the lava could continue throughout today’s journey between the mountains of Todoque and La Laguna to find a new path towards the sea through Las Mulatas, where there is a large area of ​​banana trees.

Several residents of La Laguna, meanwhile, have passed sleepless night Faced with the possibility of an eviction due to the threat posed by the language, it is already located in the lower part of the industrial estate.


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