Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

A reporter stumbles and breaks a live sculpture

Una reportera se tropieza y rompe una escultura en directo

There are situations of 'earth, swallow me' that when you live in TV they go viral immediately. This is what happened to the protagonist of this story: a reporter that because of a stumbling strip and destroys live the sculpture of the guest I was interviewing. A momentazo that knocked out the journalist and with the face of few friends to the owner of the statue.

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And it is that, a Polish television channel wanted to know the work of a sculptor. The artist was enthusiastic about the explanations, when the drama occurred ... In less than three seconds one of her works had been shattered.

A reporter stumbles and shoots a live sculpture

A reporter stumbles and shoots a live sculpture

The incident occurred in the study of the sculptor. There, reporter and artist, surrounded by all kinds of works talked about the creations of the second. At one point, the Polish journalist thinks of taking a step back with such bad luck that pushes a pedestal. This one held a work that, with the stumble, ended up falling to the ground.

Immediately both women bent down to pick up the pieces of the sculpture. But it was already late, the work had been broken in half. After several seconds of discomfort, the program terminated the connection. The accident, of course, is already a viral phenomenon in networks.

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