A report links the death of Esther López with the car of the main suspect

A report links the death of Esther López with the car of the main suspect

Simulation of the running over of Esther López by an SUV or off-road vehicle. / ERAT

The investigation of the Civil Guard confirms that the fatal run over of the young woman did not occur where the body was found and that the data of the switchboard of the vehicle of Óscar S.

The expert report of the accident reconstruction team of the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard that has just arrived at the Court of Instruction 5 of Valladolid that is handling the Esther López case concludes that Óscar SM's car, the T-Roc Volkswagen in the who traveled together the morning of her disappearance on January 13, is "the type of vehicle that provides the greatest coincidence with the main injuries" that the body of Traspinedo's neighbor presented when it was found in the ditch of the VP-2303 highway ( Tudela de Duero-Campaspero) on February 5 last.

According to the specialists of the ERAT (Traffic Accident Reconstruction Team), from the numerous simulations carried out using the PC-Crash software, it can be deduced that the type of SUV or 4X4 vehicle, like that of the main one investigated, is the most compatible with crashes and fractures suffered by Esther and detailed in the autopsy report. Investigators maintain that she could have been the victim of "a hit-and-run" on the right side or on the front right wing of the SUV, then she fell to the ground and suffered displacement or drag. The vehicle, at the time of the accident, was traveling at 45 kilometers per hour, while the victim was standing and walking at a speed of 4.7 kilometers per hour, with his back to the car.

The damage located on the vehicle, in its front right area, would corroborate these conclusions: a dent in the plastic material in the upper area of ​​the bumper, a scratch on the right side of the hood and a small dent between the upper edge of the hood and the apex upper right anterior flipper. There was also a gap in the front fog light on that side. They explain that the height of the front of the vehicle is compatible "with the injuries presented by the victim due to direct contact on the back of the thigh of the left leg, on the right buttock and the back of both legs." They also do not rule out "that the injury to the left scapula could have occurred against the right rear-view mirror or in the fall and drag phase."

The placement of the mobile phone at the foot of Esther's body and the bag attached to her body show, according to accident specialists, that the location was altered "voluntarily by human action"

But the ERAT rules out that the alleged run over of the 35-year-old woman would have occurred at point 0.800 of the Traspinedo road where he was found, in the place known as La Carrascosa. It corroborates other previous reports from the Civil Guard that consider that the scene was altered. "Although it is a place that offers the possibility for a pedestrian to be run over," they stress, "the anatomical position of the body, with the upper and lower extremities aligned with respect to the trunk, is not a common arrangement" in this type of traffic accidents. They consider it striking that the bag was attached to the body and the mobile phone, at the feet. “The provision is not related to a usual post-runover dynamic and in the opinion of this ERAT, its location was voluntarily altered by human action,” they specify.

The last conclusion of the exhaustive 89-page expert report (which summarizes the meticulous work carried out by the ERAT since the first ocular inspection they made of the area where the body was found on February 8), also corroborates that the data of the switchboards of the car allegedly involved in Esther's hit-and-run. During the diagnosis of the Volkswagen T-Roc carried out by the technical specialist of the company Advanced Electronic Systems of the Automobile (Seada) "it is evident that there was a deletion of the data" that, if it had not occurred, "data related to the positioning of the vehicle, anomalies, breakdowns and incidents that would yield more information regarding the accident.

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