August 3, 2021

A refuge in Canada | TV

In the novel by Philip Roth The conspiracy against America, In 2004, the US declares itself neutral in World War II and is complacent to the Nazis, so much so that anti-Semitic hatred also spreads on its ground. The Jews, or the activists, have only the option of crossing into Canada, which remains faithful to the free world alongside the United Kingdom, which resists Hitler.

Something similar we see in the series The maid's tale (in HBO Spain), based on the novel by Margaret Atwood. There, an ultraconservative sect takes power in the US and enslaves fertile women to serve as bellies for rent. The only hope of the maidservants – whose uniform has become a global feminist icon – is to flee to Canada, where those who succeed become free again. We see a gloomy USA —Now called Gileadwhile in Canada the sun shines. But it is not easy to escape if they keep your children.

Now that a disturbing profile of world leader is imposed (Trump, Putin, Johnson, Xi), Canada can continue to appear as a haven-paradise in new dystopia. The country boasts a cosmopolitan and integrative liberalism, the one who preaches Justin Trudeau, a kind of refined manners.

These days, in the debates between the candidates of the primaries of the US Democratic Party, the northern neighbor has been cited again as a progressive reference, a welfare state to the European in the continent of individualism, a country that provides health care, protects minorities, controls weapons and legalize marijuana. A place that, instead of building walls like others, announces the regularization of one million immigrants. In October they go to the polls with suspense, and even there it starts to appear reactionary tide. If Canada fell there would be no hope.

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