A recidivist pedophile abuses his granddaughters after leaving prison

The Provincial Court has imposed a sentence of eleven years in prison for attacking the sexual freedom of the victims, who began to suffer these episodes when they were eight and twelve years old.

His family always trusted his innocence. Even after a court found him guilty of abusing seven girls when he ran a candy store in the province of Malaga. The sentence became final in 2008. At that time, for his daughters, the word of his father still had more weight than that of a judge.

They were the refuge of the man, who is now 75 years old, when his period behind bars ended and he regained his freedom. They were convinced that everything had been a misunderstanding, an injustice that they tried to make him forget with his company and turning to him.

Once he left the prison, the defendant moved to a country house where he frequently received visits from his daughters and minor granddaughters. It was the girls who, years later, would end up exposing their grandfather to his family after being victims of several episodes of abuse.

This is reflected in the ruling issued by the Ninth Section of the Provincial Court of Malaga, to which SUR has had access. According to what is stated in the court document, the little girls began to be touched by their relative in 2012, when they were both eight and twelve years old, respectively.

In the case of the youngest calf, these abuses took place in the pool. The defendant, taking advantage of the girl's innocence, used to invent games in the water with the aim of groping her private parts, thus attacking her sexual freedom without the victim being aware of it at first. it.

During years

This situation continued over time until 2014, when the victim was ten years old. One day, without giving more details, she told her mother that she did not want to visit her grandfather again. The only thing she said about her at her house was that he didn't like the way he played with her.

Her mother, despite the little girl's silence, cut off all relationship with her father in the bud, suspecting that he might have acted with her daughter as she had previously refused to believe he did with other girls.

Similarly, between 2012 and 2015, the defendant also abused his other granddaughter – and cousin of the previous victim – until the age of 15. With the excuse that her youngest played sports with her, she insistently offered to give her massages to, by deceit, touch her in various parts of her body and thus satisfy her libidinous mood.

The girl decided to report what happened in 2020, after learning from third parties that her grandfather had also sexually assaulted other girls several years ago, this being the reason why she was sent to prison.

Only then did he tell his family what had happened. This made the little granddaughter, who had never talked about the reasons why she did not want to play with her grandfather again, also broke her silence upon learning that the accused had acted with her cousin in a similar way. that with her

As soon as the relatives heard the story of the victims, the truth was revealed to them and what was so hard to believe was confirmed. The granddaughters were still minors, so it was their mothers who filed a complaint against the victims' grandfather.

These facts have been accredited for the Provincial Court, which has found the recidivist pedophile guilty, imposing a sentence of eleven years and five months in prison as the criminally responsible author of two continued crimes of sexual abuse and sexual indemnity against minors under thirteen.

aggravating recidivism

In the ruling, the magistrates have applied the aggravating concurrence of recidivism, since the man had already been firmly convicted by the Criminal Court number 7 of Malaga as the author of seven crimes of sexual abuse of minors. With his granddaughters, as stated in the resolution, the grandfather acted with precedence of his family ancestry to carry out such acts.

In addition to entering prison, he is prohibited from approaching less than 500 meters and communicating with the injured through any means for a period of nine years. The magistrates have also imposed nine years of probation on him.

The abuse caused panic attacks and night fears in the youngest granddaughter that required psychological treatment. Hence, the judges have decided that she will have to compensate the injured party in the amount of 6,000 euros for the damages and moral damages caused.