A rape defendant blames the Whatsapp corrector for threats against his wife

The fourth section of the Provincial Court of Pontevedra has left for judgment the judgment against a neighbor of Ribadumia accused of raping and mistreating in a habitual way to which it had been his sentimental partner with whom he has a son in common. The defendant has rejected these charges, assuring that the relationships were always consented and blaming the WhatsApp corrector for the threats made to his wife.

The Office of the Prosecutoride for this man, Juan Manuel L.M., to be imposed a sentence of 15 years in prison for the alleged sexual offense, and another 3 for the crime of abuse. He also claims that he will pay compensation of 120,000 euros.

The alleged victim appeared behind closed doors. For his part, the defendant limited himself to answering the questions asked by his lawyer to whom he explained that he maintained a relationship with this woman for more than four years until "a normal break" occurred in August 2015, although "we continued seeing us, "he had the keys to his former partner's home in Cambados and" slept at home almost every day. " Adding that they had sexual relations as usual and "spoiled".

According to the indictment of the prosecutor, from the moment the relationship broke, the man sexually abused "approximately eight times" of the woman against her will. On the last occasion he would have done it in a remote track of Barrantes, inside a van.

As evidence against him, contributed WhatsApp messages Later that reflect the fear of the accused "What do you have planned to do, will you report me or not?", "Do you want to answer?", "Quiet that I do not take you anymore, do not worry," he said in some of the messages.

They were not the only messages that were presented to the provincial court, there were also other threatening content "if I see you with someone I will hit or kill," he said "You're going to know who I am, you're going to meet a real motherfucker", put another of the texts sent.

"The corrector sent words he did not want to write"said Juan Manuel. During the oral hearing, the accused acknowledged that "sometimes by jealous attacks he would put things that he did not have to do" and added that "I always asked for forgiveness later".

The prosecutor described how the defendant "constantly controlled and dominated" the woman "asking where she was, with whom, what she was going to do and intimidating her to answer." In some of her fits of anger she broke the car window "while she and her son were inside" and also went through the shower screen with a punch, among other episodes reported to the court.

In addition to the 18 years of imprisonment, the prosecutor has also requested the adoption of a restraining order of 100 meters, the prohibition of possession of weapons for the time of five years and the opening of a separate piece to establish economic responsibility of the accused.



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