March 2, 2021

A protest in Vic against an electoral act by Vox ends in altercations

A protest by anti-fascist groups from Vic due to the presence of Vox in the city this Saturday, where it was holding one of its electoral rallies, led to clashes with the Mossos d’Esquadra. The riots, which took place mainly when the party from the far-right party was leaving, resulted in several injuries, including some officers.

The Catalan Islamic community denounces Vox for inciting hatred

The Catalan Islamic community denounces Vox for inciting hatred

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The electoral act, starring the candidate Ignacio Garriga and the party’s secretary general, Ortega Smith, brought together half a thousand anti-fascist activists in Plaça Major, with posters and shouts of “out with fascists”, and accompanied by the music of a neighbor played by La Internacional and Els Segadors, among others. Ortega Smith and Garriga responded by raising the volume of their sound equipment and supported by some supporters shouting “viva Vox” and “viva Spain”.

During the event, the protesters threw stones, eggs, beer cans, firecrackers and packages of flour at them in response to statements by Vox leaders, who described them as “dirty” and “totalitarian.” At the end of the parliaments, the party’s entourage made a very tense journey, followed by their supporters and detractors, through the streets of Vic, from the Plaza Mayor to the Anselm Clavé street. There the politicians left and clashes broke out, leaving several wounded.

The Mossos had to run to protect the party leaders, who were leaving with their vehicles, against the anti-fascists, who were chasing them through various streets. They also received shouts of “fascists” from some neighbors from their balconies. After the leaders of Vox had already left, the Mossos maintained the police cordon to separate supporters of the party from the antifascists and at that time there were scenes of tension, with persecutions and throwing of objects.

The episode ended with seven officers injured and a protester treated by medical services for what appeared to be an anxiety attack. In addition, the Mossos have identified at least one girl and as they marched, the protesters threw a plastic fence at them and hit the police vehicles, the last of which resulted in significant damage.

Garriga affirmed during the meeting that seeing the square “full of hatred and totalitarians” reaffirms them that Vox must enter the Parliament with force to expel the “separatists” and regain “freedom” in Catalonia. He referred to the protesters as “puppies” who only know how to insult. “Catalonia is ours. It does not belong to you,” he snapped.

For his part, Ortega Smith, referred to the star flags that filled the Plaza de Vic as “starry rags.” “They are the best example that they have no future,” he said, amid shouts from his followers of “Puigdemont to prison.” The secretary general of Vox also charged against the mayor of Vic, whom he accused of promoting “sectarianism, xenophobia and hatred” against Catalans who speak Spanish.


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