May 27, 2020

A process passed through water – La Provincia

The rain did not prevent nearly a thousand lovers of two wheels enjoy the appointment with the history of motorcycling in Teror. The Viejas Glorias celebrated its twenty-seventh edition under clearings and clouds that unloaded as it passed through the town of Mariana, which sported its best clothes to host about 250 classic motorcycles and the first Viejas Glorias Outdoor Trial.

Already on Friday the first relics began to arrive at the closed park installed around the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pine. The Episcopal Palace opened its doors to host the exhibition Memories of the Sebadal Circuit, which had a selection of the best bikes before 1980, which included the highlights of the Montesa Bultaco, Ducati Pantah and a Honda CB 750 Four, a model that meets 50 years.

On the walls were the photographs of Manuel del Pino of the races in the urban circuit of the capital of Gran Canaria, where the mythical Angel Nieto came to say that he was "safer in Spain." The photos highlight the typical hair of the 70s and 80s, in addition to the situation of the public at the foot of the track. "It was nonsense," the visitors said.

The same Friday the Viejas Glorias was inaugurated with the political authorities and the live performance of Classic 60 and the monologuist Mikel Partida. The engines roared warning the Virgen del Pino of what was coming: A weekend dedicated to lovers of carburation, drum brakes and starts on foot.

Time did not invite optimism, especially if you had to climb up to the Marian village on two wheels, exposed to the weather. But motorcycle lovers on the Islands, which are not few, crammed Teror's helmet on a day marked by water. "We come every year, the rain is not an excuse," said José María Expósito, who came with his classic BMW from the neighboring island of Tenerife.

"The rain does not stop the bikers, it is a brutal weekend in Teror. We have received the tribute that the Old Glories deserved," says Feli Santana, president of the Las Palmas Roque Nublo Moto Club and organizer of the event since 1993. "El Viejas Glorias is above the weather and people make an effort. We do not miss anyone because they are all here," says Santana, a benchmark of classic motorcycling in the Canary Islands and a skilled on the trial bike, which He had his own space in this edition. "This sport deserves a tribute and we must continue promoting it so that it does not get lost," he emphasizes.

Trial display

The Plaza de Síntes was home to a "cheating" tour, as some called it, to celebrate the first Gran Canaria Outdoor Trial, a claim for the curious who did not know the skill sport. "They are authentic magicians," Javier said. Knoll, which has just begun in this discipline.

"The trial shows you a base to ride in any motorcycle mode later," adds Otero, who was impressed with the level of piloting of the grancanarians. "I didn't know there were such good people on the Island."

The magic was put by Biel Giro, Óscar Mill, Julián Montalvo and the brothers Cristian and Jonathan Naranjo. They made several exhibitions before competing in the first Gran Canaria Outdoor Trial. In addition, the young competitors had the advice of Amos Bilbao, champion of Spain in 1996, seven times world champion of nations by teams, winner of the Scotish Six Days Trial (SSDT) ​​and several tests of the World and National Circuit.

The Cantabrian offered a small exhibition that lifted fans from their seats. "You can tell he is in a different league," says Otero. The obstacle zone was very wet from the rain, but Bilbao showed that talent shines through the clouds.

After the trial, the participants of the Rallye Viejas Glorias were arriving with the last rays of light. They had departed from the Villa Mariana early in the morning and spent the whole day touring the Island. Upon arrival, the concert of Silvia Mad 214 was waiting for them, which put the musical note at the end of the day, which closed with the awards ceremony of activities and tribute to fallen bikers.

Today, Viejas Glorias puts an end to a weekend full of tributes with the Paseo de las Jewels, March 70, the exhibition trial of all ages – in which the legendary Mike Andrews will say goodbye -, and the closing ceremony with the relay between municipalities of the event. One last chance to enjoy the relics that are spent the rest of the year in a state of hibernation.

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