Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

A pro-independence witness of the 'procés' trial receives threats at his home

Un testigo independentista del juicio del ‘procés’ recibe amenazas en su domicilio

Albert Donaire, coordinator of Mossos per la República -sectorial of the ANC- and one of the witnesses who must declare soon in the judgment of you procés celebrated in the Supreme Court, has denounced this Sunday through social networks that has been the subject of threats by anti-independence groups.

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In particular, a group of hooded He has left a toilet bowl in front of the door of one of his usual homes with intimidating messages written on it. "Alberto, for 24 when you go to the Supreme," says one of the inscriptions. "You're a shame for the uniform," says another. They have also placed a stellate inside the toilet and have surrounded the set with yellow ties torn and scattered on the floor. The events would have occurred early this Saturday morning.

Donaire is called to testify on April 24 at 11:30 in the Supreme Court in the context of the cause of the you procés. He himself has denounced the facts through a tweet and stressed that he is not afraid "despite threats, intimidation and insults." "On 24 I will declare without fear in a farce trial, and know that the attempt of coercion prior to a testimony to a witness of a trial is a crime," the mosso adds. In particular, it refers to article 464.1 of the Criminal Code

Donaire himself has echoed Twitter accounts that, early in the morning, already advertised the intimidating action. In fact, one of these anonymous accounts broadcasts the video in which you can see how the hooded ones deposit the toilet in front of the portal. "And they claim it proud. When he talks about 'compi', I understand that he is a policeman, "says Mosso, referring to one of these tweets.

Donaire has received the support of the ANC and also of the former president of the Generalitat and leader of Junts per Catalunya, Carles Puigdemont. "The attack of a squad of ultas to a witness of the trial is an act of intimidation that once again shows the quality of the State of Spanish law. Organized impunity requires several coordinated hands and accomplices. It is a serious act, shameful, "denounces the expresident.

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