June 19, 2021

A prisoner, an 87-year-old Valencian, for threatening to kill his wife if they did not have sex – La Provincia

Two courts have issued prison orders for an 87-year-old Valencian accused of having threatened to kill his wife of 83 if he refused to have sex with the. The prison measure has been agreed to fear that the victim may suffer some risk, since Francisco M. P. He had served a sentence for murder after killing his ex-son with a hunting shotgun in the middle of the street in 2004 during a discussion about the regime of visits of the child that the victim had had with the daughter of the murderer. The man was in third grade prison and left prison three months ago, prison benefits that could now be revoked by these new facts.

The sources consulted by this newspaper indicated that the marriage was in separation proceedings, although they were still living together in the same building, where his daughter and ex-wife of the murdered young man also lived. Each lived in different areas of the property. The woman and the daughter appeared in the barracks of the Civil Guard of Sant Joan d'Alacant to denounce that the man had thrown himself on her demanding sexual relations. When the woman had refused, he threatened to kill her saying that "the cemetery does not leave"Threats that all parties have taken very seriously, given the defendant's violent background. The Alicante guard court decreed the provisional prison last weekend, a measure that yesterday ratified the Violence on Women court , who sent the case to trial quickly after the defendant refused any agreement.

Despite the defendant's age, both courts have estimated that there was a real risk to the victim. The oral hearing has been indicated for next September. The Prosecutor's Office demands penalties totaling tThree years and three months in prison for this denunciation of sexist violence and imputes sexual abuse and threats.

The detainee has denied the facts and maintains that the first thing he has done as soon as he is released from prison is to start the process to separate. The man argued that the relationship had deteriorated and that the children had positioned themselves in favor of the mother. The defense, exercised by the lawyer Ernesto Muñoz, will resort to the prison measure by understanding that there were other measures less extreme than the prison, such as the restraining order, to guarantee the victim's safety and also ask for the annulment of proceedings because They haven't let witnesses question. For its part, the woman is personified in the case as a private accusation, which the lawyer María Paz Giráldez exercises.

Francisco M. P. was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2006 for the murder of his ex-gunner in the middle of the street in Sant Joan. A shot in the abdomen knocked him down and then on the ground he shot him off in the head. A popular jury ruled that it was a cold-blooded murder. The Hearing also condemned the payment of compensation of 150,000 euros to the family of the deceased. However, they barely received 5,000 euros. Shortly before the trial, the entire estate of the murderer, valued at 390,000 euros, was volatilized. For this reason, a Criminal Court sentenced him to two years in prison for the lifting of property. A crime for which the woman and the daughter were also sentenced to two years, the first, and ten months, the second, considering it proved that they helped him make the money disappear.

A coroner examines the mental state of the inmate

Francisco M. P. was examined on Monday by a coroner during a visit to the courts from prison to determine his mental state. A recognition of which it was not detected that he suffered any pathology that reduced his responsibility in the facts. The judicial sources consulted by this newspaper indicated that it was assessed that there was a danger to the victim's life, since "on other occasions when someone was against him has reacted with violence"In the trial for the death of his son-in-law, he declared himself proven that it was a cold-blooded murder.


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