A priest goes to prison for a crime of pedophilia in Malaga | Society

A priest goes to prison for a crime of pedophilia in Malaga | Society

A priest has been imprisoned for an alleged crime of corruption of minors and sexual abuse. According to sources explained by the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA), the cleric was arrested on Monday and brought to justice. That same day he testified before the court of instruction 12 of Malaga, which decreed his entry into prison that same day. This has been the second arrest of the priest, that last August was arrested on the call operation Sandrina for possession of child pornography.

Before arriving in Malaga, where he was taking care of a family member for months, the priest was attached to the diocese of Alcalá de Henares, where he also worked as a teacher. In August he was arrested, along with three other people of Spanish nationality and between 36 and 48 years old. Agents of the National Police then made six home searches, in which more than a hundred computer storage devices, several computers, a video camera and cell phones were operated. In addition, during one of the searches, the police found a file exchange program with pedophile content in operation.

In the analysis of this material, images recorded by the priest have been found in which alleged touching of girls when he was serving in Madrid, as he has advanced South. These facts pass from pedophilia to pedophilia, hence it was brought to justice this week. The judge of the court of instruction number 12, which is responsible for the operation Sandrina, then decided his entry into prison.

From the Bishopric of Malaga the communique that was sent in the month of August, when the clergyman was arrested for the first time, has been ratified. Then, the Bishop of Malaga, Jesus Catalá, ordered "immediately the precautionary suspension of the exercise of all priestly ministry" to the ecclesiastic. The disseminated text also requested "forgiveness to the possible victims". And it included that, "safeguarding the rights of the accused and his presumption of innocence, the Bishopric of Malaga reiterates its commitment to justice so that the truth shines and the absolute rejection of the facts referring to child pornography or others that violate the dignity and rights of minors, vulnerable adults or any other person ". On the other hand, has not specified whether last August began a canonical process to investigate alleged crimes.

The Operation Sandrina It began in early August 2018 thanks to the continuous work of Internet tracking by cyber-agents and a notice from the United States agency in charge of receiving and channeling profiles that share child pornography. One of his alerts warned of the existence of a series of IP addresses, whose connections were located in Malaga, were sharing with other users images of child pornography. The National Police investigated him and learned the origin of these connections in six homes in different neighborhoods of Malaga and identified the four detainees.


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