Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

A presenter expels a guest by denying Pinochet's torture

Tense situation in Chile It can also be represented on your television. An example is what happened in
, a morning program where Tonka Tomicic, host of the place, expelled a guest after comparing the riots unleashed in the Latin American country with the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet who suffered the country for almost two decades.

Specifically, the guest man was Hermogenes Pérez de Arce, a controversial columnist and former deputy who has repeatedly defended Pinochet in the media. And this occasion was no exception. He requested "rebuild the country" since "Crime is devastating him." A few words that soon fueled the debate.

It refers to a "historical truth"

"You cannot share the television space with a person who is denying part of the story From Chile". These were the statements of the presenter Tonka Tomicic after Pérez de Arce insisted on his speech by pointing out that there was no violation of human rights in the country between 1973 and 1990.

For him this was a "Historical truth" to which he was not attending, but not all the Tertullians agreed. "My father was systematically tortured in dictatorship and you come to tell me that there were no violations," said another of those present completely angry.

In this context, the presenter chose to expel Pérez de Arce dl set. "I'm sorry, I don't like what you're doing”, He pointed out as he invited him to leave. He agreed, but not without qualifying what happened as "censorship" and file a lawsuit against the program and its presenter.

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