June 18, 2021

A “precious” time wasted in the purchase of masks and tests

The importing companies they complain about blockade suffered by the Government when supplying coronavirus tests, masks, gowns and all kinds of protective materials individual, known as EPI. Several companies in the sector denounce how in the last days their work, now totally altruisticis being seen slowed downeven hindered, by the procedures imposed by the own government which, in your opinion, has been unable to manage purchases. Although the Executive has authorized the acquisition and use of material without the CE seal and the autonomous communities have been given the green light to buy material on their ownThe truth is that these agents warn that “precious” time has been lost in gathering protective materials and sanitary equipment, since several countries have started to stockpile them, so that manufacturers commit in a few minutes both their current “stocks” and their future productions with states that do specify orders, such as Finland, which is already preparing to receive the pandemic.

“Given the urgency of the country, we register as importers through the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Health, and we inform you that we could supply them with two million masks and 50,000 kits to detect the virus from a supplier in the Netherlands, as well as several million units of these and other products from China. Nevertheless, no one has contacted us to specify anything. We have only received an email from a person at the Ministry of Health urging us to fill out the forms, which we have already done. We have tried to speak to her personally, but it has been impossible. Two days ago, We received a call from Industry to inform us that a process of screening and verification of suppliers is being carried out and, after this, silence again as the only answer. The problem with this delay is that tests from our supplier in the Netherlands have already been purchased by Finland And the worst thing is that this manufacturer has committed all its production to them, so Spain cannot receive a single kit from this producer who, until three days ago, had availability. With the urgency and scarcity there is, we do not understand the reason for this blockade. We do not want to obtain any economic benefit from all this, we only intend to contribute our grain of sand and help. In the end, prohibiting the importation and free circulation of PPE produces shortages. Not only hospitals, pharmacies should have materials, and they don’t have them “, The CEO of one of these companies tells LA RAZÓN.

And it is that this situation is expected to worsen in the coming days, as the number of cases continues to grow worldwide, and explodes in the United States, a country with more than 327 million people. “The suppliers are urging us to place orders as soon as possible because they are running out of ‘stock’’. And it is that, in a few minutes, they take from their hands everything that has to do with protective equipment against the coronavirus. In my opinion, I think that the most efficient way would be to complete the orders and, once in Spain, proceed to their certification, because we are going to run out of them. Others run and we don’t ”, he warns.

The Decree Law on the State of Alarm states that, since March 12, the Government can centralize the purchase of sanitary supplies. However, the management does not seem to be being efficient, since not only is the material already available not being distributed, as some autonomous communities have already denounced, but they have also compromised the entry of future health and protection products, as they warn now importers.


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