A poll reveals that 70% of viewers prefer to avoid theaters in the US

70% of viewers prefer to see a premiere at home rather than go to theaters, although the price is the same and containment measures for the coronavirus are reduced, indicates a study published this Wednesday in the United States.

According to the report, from the company specialized in shows and sports events Performance Research, the majority of the public consulted will avoid attending large events for a long period, even when the authorities indicate that it is safe.

The results of the survey, conducted with a thousand people and provided by Variety magazine, also indicate that the fear of crowds is greater now than two months ago, when the WHO declared the global pandemic by COVID-19.

The cinema is the show most affected by the feeling of insecurity, since 70% of consumers say they would see a movie premiere at home compared to 13% who would go to the projection rooms and 17% undecided.

The question also specifies that the cost of renting the tape on television would be exactly the same as that of a movie ticket.

This response follows the trend of all the research, which determines that for 60% of the respondents, the idea of ​​attending a large public event "will generate fear for a long time."

In March, at the start of the pandemic, only 47% supported this statement, which has gained support as more details of the disease have become known.

Nor would the health authorities change these plans if they explained that they are safe, since more than half would continue to avoid them.

Likewise, 39% consider that they will attend fewer concerts in closed rooms (33% in March); 36% will visit fewer theme parks (26% in March); and 33% will go fewer times to theatrical or artistic shows (29% in March).

"Just as the country -USA- begins to open up, there has been a shift toward greater caution, in which most Americans clearly say 'not yet' when it comes to attending large public events," said Jed Pearsall, president of the academic publication Performance Research.

The study does not leave good forecasts for the activity of Broadway either, since 51% assure that it will take months to return to a theater to see a musical, plus another 16% who believe that "never will", compared to 33% who plan to do it "in the next few weeks or right now."


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