A poll leaves the Pact of Flowers in a minority

'The reason'

Spectacular rise in the PP, according to the survey published by 'La Razón'

CANARIAS7 The Gran Canarian palms

The poll published this Monday by the newspaper 'La Razón' paints a very different political scenario on the islands, with
the Pact of Flowers in minority.

Specifically, the distribution of votes and seats would be as follows:

  • PSOE: 27.2% and 23 deputies.

  • PP: 24.9% and 18 deputies.

  • CC: 22.5% and 18 deputies.

  • NC: 7.5% and 4 deputies.

  • We can: 8.4% and 4 deputies.

  • ASG: 0.8% and 3 deputies.

If those were the results,
the Pact of Flowers would add 34 seats.

The most notable changes occur in the PP, which would win 8 deputies, while the Socialists and CC would lose two each.