July 25, 2021

A police union denounces Dani Mateo for his 'sketch' of the flag

A police union denounces Dani Mateo for his 'sketch' of the flag

The Calvary of humorist Dani Mateo has a new chapter after his controversial gesture with the Spanish flag. The Police Union Trade Union Alternative – known by the announcement of a brothel in a police magazine– has denounced the comedian of La Sexta for allegedly violating several articles of the Criminal Code, as expressed in a statement.

They claim that the performance of the Catalan humorist incurs in the crimes typified by articles 510 and 543 of the Penal Code. Article 543 states: "The offenses or outrages of speech, written or de facto to Spain, its Autonomous Communities or their symbols or emblems, made with publicity, shall be punishable by a fine of seven to twelve months."

In the same statement, the association with representation in the Police Council have explained the reason for the complaint to Daniel Mateo Patau: "The offense to Spain, its symbols and therefore to the entire democratic society for its 'sketch' of 31 October in prime time. "

Last Monday, the program 'El Intermedio' with its two protagonists at the head returned to apologize to the audience. Dani Mateo himself said: "now I take my snot", to the question of the Great Wyoming "if he had gone through constipation."

An uncensored mood

The journalist Toni Soler in the program 'Està Passant' of TV3 has broken a spear in favor of Dani Mateo blowing your nose with a Catalan flag. Soler has openly sympathized with the comedian of the program 'The Intermediate': "We are in favor of humor without censorship."

Given the repercussions produced by the 'sketch', Dani Mateo himself explained on November 1 on social networks that the end of the video "was never offensive" .


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