A point, a hat and the Tamaraceite runs out of loot

Casais steps on the ball against Cervero.

Casais steps on the ball against Cervero.
Andres Cruz

One point, one hat and 421 days without desecrating Juan Guedes. UD Tamaraceite, in a contest of nerve and fury, started a point against Atlético Sanluqueño (0-0) and leaves for the last two days their assault on Segunda B PRO -before Recreativo de Huelva and Las Palmas Atlético-. Third consecutive equalized for Chus Trujillo’s pupils, who remain unbeaten in their fiefdom with five wins and draws. Unhinged with the referee Ávarlos Martos, who patented a questionable criterion, the parish of Juan Guedes – which has not seen a defeat since January 2020 against Granada in the Cup – thanked David González for the courage and genius of Diego Cervero. In times of silent football, El Moco made an anthological hat, which put the 350 fans on their feet.

A header from Asdrúbal, a Vaseline from David González and a shot from David García substantiate the merits of Támara, which crashed into the fierce Cadiz defense. Javi Barrio avoided the 1-0 on the line and Nauzet García exhibited reflections in a last stop of fire. Without Dani Güiza, who stayed on the bench, the Sanluqueño came out in a tremendous wayto. Álex Cruz finished unopposed and Julio Báez saw the first card. Always aware of Moco, the Maradona de La Feria took advantage of a slip of the goal Gil and the rear guard cleared in a primitive way. Superb action by López Silva and missile by Casais. At the edge of the break, Asdrúbal finished in the small area of ​​Cádiz unopposed. There was no way to pulverize the bow of a varnished rival in the trade. David González lost his nerve after bumping into a rival and reached the equator in a rowdy mood.

Kevin Bautista was a nightmare. There was no way to freeze to the extreme, which again and again stepped on the area. Asdrúbal’s wonderful shot (47 ‘) and Pitu wasted another local chance. Juan Guedes surrendered to the courage of his legionaries. Trujillo bet on Eros in search of victory that opened the door to the second phase with a large team package. Order, fierceness, discipline and only the lace was missing. In 70 ‘, in the central zone and heeled to the stands, a ball and the mischief of the genius. El Moco raised the leather in a subtle way, to evade Cervero’s entrance. A hat in mask times. Álex Cruz knocks down Asdrúbal Padrón near the area and the hit of the ’10’ of Támara runs into the barrier. Barrio resorted to a hail of juggling to avoid the 1-0 and Nauzet made the save in the morning to a shot Kevin, who had touched a defender.

Casais, the squire of the genius, put the point and end with another shot from the front. The Támara tried in every way. Waiting for Güiza, the standing ovation went to El Moco. Point forged from the office for a shield that no longer goes unnoticed in Second B. Recre and the UD subsidiary, next challenges to seal the ticket for the second phase.

Data sheet:

UD Tamaraceite: Nauzet García; Aythami Álvarez, Alberto, David García, Jordan Capdevila; Samuel Casais; Jonathan Viera Pitu (Eros, 69 ‘), Julio Baez (Lucas Acosta, 85’), David González, López Silva; and Asdrúbal Padrón (Quintero, 78 ‘).

Atlético Sanluqueño: Gil; Oriol, Barrio, Álex Cruz, Carrión; Adrián Armental, Facu Ballardo (Theo, 65 ‘), Kevin Bautista, Juanjo Gracia (Andreu Arasa, 75’); Dievo Cervero (Álex Geijo, 75 ‘) and Marcos Torres (Marc Caballé, 65’).

Referee: Ávalos Martos (C. Catalán). He admonished Julio Baez (8 ‘), Samuel Casais (14’), David González (45 ‘), Aythami Álvarez (52’) and Eros Delgado (74 ‘) by Támara; for Cadiz team, Javi Barrio (44 ‘) and Álex Cruz (70’).

Incidents: Matchday 16 of Group 4-A of Second B, before some 350 fans at Juan Guedes. The central of the local team Alberto Rodríguez received recognition for his 100 games with the capital club.


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