July 27, 2021

A plane takes off in Madrid and five fireballs come out of its engine

A plane takes off in Madrid and five fireballs come out of its engine

On November 1, a flight from Madrid to Düsseldorf caused panic among its passengers. What was only a scare, could end in tragedy, after the engine burned down and had to be forced to land.

The plane, in charge of Iberia. had planned to take off at 19:50 at the Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suarez airport with 200 passengers. The plane started but did not get up from the ground, so the emergency lights of the orange cabin went on. Finally, It would get off, although with problems. Once in the air, the engine shut down and ejected five fireballs. The plane spent half an hour in the air to be able to release fuel and make an emergency landing, since at the moment that the engine burned the point of no return had been exceeded.

Once it landed, the firefighters came. The reason, according to the technical report, was a intake of birds in the engine. "We were afraid because it was a very serious incident that could have been fatal. We think it could happen to us like the Spanair flight. At that moment you put yourself in the worst and remember other accidents, especially when you see the engine burn, "said one of the passengers.

The flight was canceled, and Iberia put a hotel to passengers near the airport. They would embark finally on another flight, at 04:15 hours, although not all passengers, who asked for the incidence part. From the company they assure that they could not schedule a flight before since the airport of Düsseldorf closes at 23.00 hours. However, the second flight also had an incident, as it could not take off at the scheduled time due to a failure in the hydraulic pump. It would take off an hour later and arrive without problems to the German city.


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