August 13, 2020

A pilot falls asleep and goes almost 50 kilometers from the airport of arrival

A pilot of the airline Vortex Air is being investigated by the Australian Transportation Security Bureau (ATSB) because he fell asleep on a cargo plane when he was in command of a journey between Tasmania and King Island, going from its destination 46 kilometers, as it is collected 'The Independent'

As reported by the ATSB, it is possible that the pilot who controlled a Piper PA-31 Navajo Chieftain, with capacity for nine people, could be going through a personal crisis that affected his sleep hours, falling asleep during cruising speed. The flight tracking data shows that the plane landed safely despite its slight detour.

«The pilot and the aircraft traveled beyond the intended destination while operating on autopilot», explained Vortex Air. Although the control tower tried to establish radio communication with the pilot, it was not possible.

This case is being treated as a "Serious operational incident" by the ATSB. The investigators will take a statement from the pilot, collect evidence and review the airline's procedures before submitting a final report.


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