September 19, 2020

A pig with thirst for revenge – La Provincia

With nocturnality and joy. When it was still a closed night and waiting for the victim at the gates of the La Siempreviva funeral home, where the man had taken refuge for fear of being rammed. Thus the attack of a Vietnamese pig to a person last Monday in the surroundings of the Cemetery of Alicante. The first, according to the City Council, which is officially recorded.

Specifically, it was on Río Turia street. "Before going to work, I went to have coffee. It was before seven in the morning. When I left, I saw that there was a loose animal, which made me go out to the avenue to avoid problems. While I was going to work , I realised that It was a Vietnamese pig. The faster I walked, the faster the animal walked, "explains José María M., who decided to take refuge in the funeral home to avoid greater evils.

"There I was a while, until I thought it would be gone." But no, when he looked back down the avenue, heading towards the company where he works, sand realized that the animal was on the prowl. And that was when the attack occurred, as he says: "The animal rammed me, threw me to the ground and bit my leg. I bled because, in addition, I am taking a medication [Sintrom] for having suffered a stroke that has left my left part of the body more sensitive. "On the ground, he was able to escape the animal. With the scare still in the body, José María He went to his job, where he was encouraged to report the incident to the Local Police of Alicante.

The agents arrived at the scene of the incident around seven in the morning, about twenty minutes after the attack. After hearing the testimony of the affected man, the local police made a beating around the environment, in which they detected up to four individual copies in the Vial de los Cipreses and streets in the area, as confirmed yesterday by sources of the Department of Security directed by the popular José Ramón González.


The presence of Vietnamese pigs in the Cemetery neighborhood and its surroundings is not new. Quite the opposite. In fact, the City Council, during the last municipal mandate, was forced to order the capture of animals through cages. However, the specimens have never disappeared completely from the Cemetery environment. It is common to see them crossing the streets that residents in the area, visitors to the Cemetery and the people who work or accuse the industrial estate annex use.

"The City Council of Alicante has carried out several municipal actions for the decrease of the population of Vietnamese pigs that have consisted of the capture of pigs in fattening pigs, by means of non-cruel methods, avoiding, at all times the sacrifice of these animals. They are animals in freedom and their capture may not always be the success that is intended, because they move in areas and some difficult by weeds, grass, "said yesterday from the Department of Security.

From the area of ​​Health, meanwhile, recently urged the Generalitat to take action as they are invasive species. "In September, the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development replied that they do not have the means or competence to contain abandoned or non-owner domestic animals, and that they put at our disposal the Wildlife Recovery Center of 'Santa Face 'for take care of the copies we capture", they added yesterday from the municipal government led by Luis Barcala, which calls on the regional administration to take action on the matter:"To provide a solution and commit to the problem that exists in Alicante. The solution cannot be to put the Recovery Center at our disposal, you have to sit down and see what solution the conselleria can give this invasive species to solve it. "

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