July 23, 2021

A piano, nerves and powerful voices | TV

A piano, nerves and powerful voices | TV

In the last casting there are no cries at the exit or long lines. At the reception of Hotel Rafael de Madrid a few people wait with family and friends. But their smaller number does not diminish nervousness to them: they are nearer to reach their dream to enter the program of The voice. Of the 250 applicants who showed up last week for this last test, selected from among the initial 20,000 applications, only 100 will arrive at the blind auditions of the program broadcast this year for the first time Antena 3 after five editions on Telecinco.

Blindfolded, the sensations are triggered and the senses are concentrated in one, the ear. The door opens and you hear some indecisive steps that are surprised by the amount of people gathered in a rather small room. In front they meet with the jury, formed by Marisol Navarro, director of the program, Susana Pérez, executive producer of the space and Jorge Villaescusa, music producer. Behind them, cameras, soundmen and press that attends these final tests. The pianist sets the tone and begins the sound test, after which the candidates perform two songs chosen by themselves.

Jon Secada, Labrinth, Zahara, José Luis Perales, Luis Fonsi or Stevie Wonder. In just over an hour, six candidates pass through with a wide repertoire focused on showing the full potential of their voices. But at this stage, quality is taken for granted. The program director explains how they deal with casting final: "We want them to stand out because of the personality of the voice, that they are not just a copy of the artist they play. We seek more sensitivity than technique. If there is a heart, it is more likely that the coaches ". The objective is the blind auditions, where they will have to convince at least one of the four coaches -For the moment, only the presence of Paulina Rubio is confirmed- so they can choose them in their team.

The moment arrives and they sing their repertoire. Some do it between coughs due to excessive rehearsal or sudden cold, others with treacherous nerves that make the song continue beyond the established, there are even those who believe that their audition has ended after the tone test. After a mask that recreates how the televised auditions will live the leaders of each team, all the voices surprise. There are soft and hoarse, sweet and powerful, but all are ready to make the most of their vocal ability.

According to the director of the space, what is sought at this point is variety of gender and age, but above all "illusion". "In this phase the level is not so important anymore. You never know where the artist may be. It is not always on a stage, it can be the hairdresser or the waiter you see every day, "he says.

Given the huge number of talent search programs that flood the Spanish television channels, one can only think, are there still so many singers to discover in Spain? "From the amateur to the professionals, there is still a lot of art ", says Navarro, who also highlights the variety in the type of artist that arrives at the auditions.

One thing is clear, the decision is difficult. And the members of the jury mutter repetitively a phrase as a bad omen of the work they have ahead: "The one that awaits us now," sigh resigned thinking about the final selection.

Also child and senior version

More than 36,000 people have wanted to be part of The voice, The voice Kids and the hitherto unpublished The Senior Voice and demonstrate their talent in the format that Atresmedia Televisión has acquired. This week the castings finals of The voice, which will be followed by the format for children and adults.

Although this program has left Telecinco, the Mediaset channel will produce another similar space, American Idol. "A demand for rising costs in the face of an evolution of the downward audience has led us to bet on a new format," the network reported in June on the change.


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