January 27, 2021

A physicist from the ULL defends that each canary produces energy for self-consumption

The professor of Applied Physics at the University of La Laguna Ricardo Guerrero believes that now is the time to make the right decisions for the future of energy in the Canary Islands in the next 50 years, and bet that each canary produces and stores the largest amount of energy possible through self-consumption.

Ricardo Guerrero, who is the director of the master’s degree in Renewable Energies at the University of La Laguna, has referred to this matter in the article he has published in Power & Energy magazine entitled Back in the Race: Achieving 100% Renewable Energy in the Canary Islands, the educational center informed yesterday in a note.

In this article the author describes “the unfortunate history” of renewable energies in the Canary Islands since the approval of the first Canary Islands Energy Plan, subject “to some ups and downs, mainly due to a clear lack of effective long-term planning, as well as as a confluence of interests that have not been adequately channeled in favor of the general interest ”.

Respect for the environment

The professor also reviews the different renewable energy sources available in the Canary Islands, ordering them according to their ability to contribute to the goal of achieving 100% renewable energy in the shortest possible time and respecting the land and marine environment. “It is evident that the renewable energy for which we must bet in the Canary Islands is photovoltaic, and prioritizing placing it on the almost 200 square kilometers of buildings that we have idle, which would provide the bulk of our energy demand and cause zero environmental impact” , Explain.

The author points out that currently the EU has built all the regulations to achieve decarbonisation before 2050. The production of electricity with photovoltaics is the cheapest of all and will continue to be so in the future.


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