Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

a perverse ‘reality’ that challenges our morality

Regular television impulse consumers will know that a few weeks ago Mediaset released the last jewel of its collection of realities intended to trap the viewer to a parallel dimension that anesthetizes their morality: The island of temptations. Go ahead, that everyone is free to do and consume at home what they want, but it is our duty to warn that there are some formats that hide perversities that are not random at all and that question us as a spectator and, in extreme cases, even as people. Another thing is that we decide to look the other way and allow ourselves to pervert with our consent as a measure against our real-world problems.


The format reminds of a program that aired a few years ago, Blind trust, in which the strength of the couple’s relationships is tested while the infidelity (hence the perversion) shared is stimulated, not only by the participants but by the spectators who follow the evolutions of the contestants. The modus operandi it’s simple: five couples chosen after an elaborate casting decide to participate in a contest where they will have to live a few separate days sharing experiences with singles or single women who intend to make them fall into carnal and emotional temptation.

There is more. Every few days, the boys and girls of the chosen couples meet in front of a bonfire so that the program gives them in very short and edited videos what their better half did during these mini vacations with bacchanal airs tinderiana. Each of them chooses if they want to see the images alone or with their partners, so the drum roll is more thunderous considering that one can discover the infidelity of his partner while the rest of the group gives his opinion on those images.

The trunk of a contestant in 'The island of temptations'

The trunk of a contestant in ‘The island of temptations’

At a time when perhaps the communication and tolerance between any couple that is provided is in low hours, the program stimulates the appearance of insecurities and jealousy (most they already come with those charges in their emotional backpack, hence the importance of casting) that usually end in revenge that justify their behavior for what the other and the other has done, without mediating any type of conversation in which each one is able to accept their responsibilities.

So in the end it seems that the only objective of the program and the viewer is to see if the apple ends whole, half bite or completely crushed. The audience of the format grows when there are signs of the first infidelities that are coming, like that shark that smells blood and attacks mercilessly. Let’s be honest: the program awakens our most morbid facet and the darkest feelings, those that feed on misfortune or the “chickens” of others. How will he react when he sees his wife kissing with another? Please something happen! That’s why we came to play, right?

Third chapter of 'The island of temptations'

Third chapter of ‘The island of temptations’

And of course it will happen. It will happen for two reasons. The first is so obvious that it is lazy to expose it. In any reality that lends itself there is a more or less dynamic script that begins with the type of contestants that are selected and ends with the stories that we already imagined on a paper before they happen. There is not going to play any person and what interests the program are weak souls who succumb to the carnaza (corporal and monetary) while doing an exhibition of anger because their partner has done the same and that yes not. That double moral so beautiful that sometimes we humans.

And the second reason is because the viewer, eager for moves that evade reality, we have implicitly promised that he will not go to the empty bed. And if it can be with some excitement, much better. And that is untouchable because audiences are at stake in that contract. So if we can spend seven days announced that one of them has bitten the apple and choked and that we have the images, much better.

Third chapter of 'The island of temptations'

Third chapter of ‘The island of temptations’

That said, there is another trap in these types of programs that cannot be overlooked. Mediaset for years that has turned its spaces, especially realities, in its own quarry, its main power source. The creatures that have participated in the island of temptations and give more games – single and single also included in the pack – have many numbers to continue their television career in other already consolidated spaces such as Survivors or Big Brother VIP.

'The island of temptations' challenges the morality of contestants and spectators

‘The island of temptations’ challenges the morality of contestants and spectators

Well, maybe the final decision is not the one that exposes the program: if the couple decides to stay together or break. Perhaps the decision has more to do with who of those who has decided to bite the apple is thinking more about the money you can earn with your new television career than in your own partner. Something that is also cruel. Unless both have agreed that that happens to have double earnings. Or is that approach too perverse? Welcome to reality.

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