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A pediatrician accepts 26 years in prison after recognizing abuse of six children in Almería | Society

A pediatrician accepts 26 years in prison after recognizing abuse of six children in Almería | Society

The pediatrician Carlos Alexander Rodriguez Linares has acknowledged on Thursday that sexually abused six children between four and 13 years while practicing as a physician of the Andalusian Health Service in the province of Almeria, and has accepted penalties totaling 26 years and six months in prison . The accused, 45, has taken his turn at the trial, held at the Provincial Court, to ask for "apologies" both to the victims and their families, and also to their own relatives for what he has defined as a "very cumbersome situation".

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After the admission of the facts by the accused, the prosecutor has modified his indictment, in which he requested a total of 37 years in prison. The pediatrician, 45 years old and of Colombian origin, has accepted four years in prison for each of the four crimes of sexual abuse, another two years in prison for a fifth offense and eight years and six months in prison for a sixth offense of abuse sexual continuation. Besides jail time, the Public Ministry requested 42 years of probation and the payment of compensation of between 15,000 and 10,000 euros for the moral damage caused to the victims.

At the end of the oral hearing, his defense attorney, Estela Gómez, told journalists that "he himself" was the one who told him that he was going to assume the responsibility for "each and every one of the facts" that were imputed to him. He is "very sorry".

Rodríguez served as a pediatrician hired by the Andalusian Health Service in centers in the municipalities of Huércal-Overa, Pulpí and Vera from March 2008 to September 2013. Thus, "taking advantage of his condition" as a doctor, he established relationships of "trust" "with the mothers of the children who came to his office and focused, above all, on those who were of Colombian nationality like him.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor highlights that it obtained in this way the "consent" of the parents to take their children to spend "an afternoon, a while, a day or a weekend" at their home, in Roquetas de Mar. Once in the house, next to which it said to be its son, also minor, supposedly perpetrated the abuses.

The Public Ministry details "kisses in the mouth on multiple occasions, touching the genitals", as well as sleeping with them in "the same bed" or "taking advantage of the excuse to shower and dry them" for the practice of "oral sex" .

Among the victims is a minor who, at the time of the events, was admitted to a reception center and with whom the accused lent himself to perform functions of "collaborating family" and a second child who suffered abuse until he was 17 years old "because He had made her believe that this was normal in his country.

The pediatric He was extradited on July 8, 2016 to Spain from his native country, where he was serving a sentence of 38 months for similar acts. Three months earlier he had been placed on probation after being placed under house arrest, controlled by an electronic device


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