A participant on the island of Temptations surprises with her new partner: "I love you"

One of the best known participants of The Island of Temptations, the reality star of Mediaset that this year has achieved important audience data in Cuatro and Telecinco, surprised his followers days ago by hanging a photo with his girlfriend. But the truth is that Alex Bueno's relationship was already known before he went through the contest. In fact, many realized that the young man had chosen to erase all the photos he had with this girl so as not to "unveil" in any way what had happened on the island.

In fact the young man traveled several days to Paris and hung photos only until the end of the program.

But in the program there were also controversies. During a party Bueno received a lot of criticism for an alleged macho attitude. Apparently the young man had imitated (with a certain dose of irony and sarcasm) the behavior of a woman. The criticisms were swift. So much that Bueno himself had to explain himself through his Instagram account. "No companion felt attacked, in a party atmosphere I imitated a sector of the night that we all know and exists. I'm playing jokes just like girls dressed as boys imitated orangutans (here we see double standards). I do not miss women in any case, I laugh at a well-known sector at night, "said the young man in a publication in his Instagram stories, a social network in which he increasingly has more followers and in which it has become very popular thanks in large part to the format in which it currently participates.

"We talk about feminism and slap a woman in the hand for" touching "a boy, now judging yourself. I prefer to be attacked for crying, complaining or being a joker to ridicule a person that I supposedly want with my acts in front of all Spain ", said the young man emphasizing that "learn the meaning of machismo and feminism" in a message that did not go unnoticed at all.

Well, he was one of the young people who had to rectify in social networks as soon as the Island of Temptations was released. In fact, Bueno came to erase all the images he had uploaded with his new partner to prevent everyone from knowing how the program ended.

The truth is that his passage through Women and Men and Vice versa was not exempt from controversy since he was one of the young people most talked about in social networks.


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