A Palestinian dies in the West Bank in clashes with the Israeli Army during a demolition

A 19-year-old Palestinian was killed Thursday by an Israeli shot during a protest against a demolition in the West Bank, the second death in two days in clashes with the Israeli Army and in a context of growing tension.

The military spokesman Jonathan Conricus said the deceased was a "sniper" who fired at his troops, to which they responded with fire, and described the clashes as "great magnitude", in which the Palestinians also threw Molotov explosives and cocktails.

The official Palestinian news agency, Wafa, identified the young man as Yazan Abu Tabikh and added that seven other Palestinians were injured in the clashes, which took place while Israeli security forces demolished, for the second time, the house of the author of an attack in 2018.

In another incident, also in the city of Jenin, a member of the Palestinian security forces was injured by an Israeli shot, in what the Army described as a "confusing episode" and could not pinpoint how he was injured.

On the other hand, an outrage caused 14 wounded, 12 of them Israeli soldiers, in the western part of the city of Jerusalem that the security forces consider an "intentional attack", although the identity of the driver is unknown, which was given to the leakage.

These incidents add to the death this Wednesday of a 17-year-old Palestinian man from the West Bank city of Hebron, who became the first fatality after being shot by an Israeli soldier in one of the protests that have happened since last week. against the US peace proposal

The instability has returned mainly to the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, where there have already been five days with projectile fire and Israeli retaliatory bombings.

The so-called "Vision of Peace", unanimously rejected by the Palestinians, raises the creation of a Palestinian state with limited sovereignty, the annexation of part of the occupied West Bank and a capital in a small, peripheral area of ​​East Jerusalem.


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