A pact between generations | Society

Colombia experienced an unprecedented trial a year ago in which 25 children and young people, accompanied by the Dejusticia center of thought, They sued the State for not guaranteeing their rights to life and the environment. The court ruled in his favor and warned that deforestation in the so-called lung of the world causes "an imminent and serious damage for all Colombians, for present and future generations, as it uncontrollably destroys the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, producing the greenhouse effect, which transforms and fragments ecosystems, and alters the water resource ". It also recognized the Colombian Amazon as a "subject entity of rights", in the same way as the Constitutional Court had done a year before with the Atrato River.

The case is based on the rights of future generations, who would suffer the worst effects of the phenomenon, says César Rodríguez Garavito, Dejusticia researcher and lawyer for the action. The ruling, which joins the global trend of litigation to act more quickly on this front, orders to build an "intergenerational pact for the life of the Colombian Amazon", with the participation of the plaintiffs, the affected communities, and scientific and research organizations. investigation.

Within the framework of the Paris agreement, the Government of Juan Manuel Santos (2010-2018) sealed, among others, an alliance with Norway, the main aid worker in environmental matters, to protect the jungles, and it was proposed to completely stop the loss of forests in the Amazon in 2020.

But the signals do not invite optimism. On the one hand, worrying reports persist that deforestation has increased after the signing of the peace agreement at the end of 2016. And, on the other hand, with the arrival of Ivan Duque as president on August 7, actions have lost momentum . "In the last six months it has been clear that this Government is trying to go backwards in the effort against deforestation," says Rodríguez.

The National Development Plan proposes to maintain deforestation at the level of 2017 (about 220,000 hectares), which was already a very considerable increase in relation to previous years, warns. "" This clearly contradicts both the international commitment assumed by the State and ordered in the sentence ".


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