A nurse was attacked by a patient in Toledo

An ambulance in front of the Toledo University Hospital. / SESCAM

The 56-year-old health professional had to be evacuated to the hospital

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A 56-year-old nurse had to be transferred to Toledo University Hospital by ambulance on Monday after being attacked by a patient. The events occurred in the health center of Chozas de Canales, a town in Toledo with 3,800 inhabitants. The nurse suffered several bruises that made it necessary to transport her to the hospital in an ambulance.

This is the second attack suffered by a healthcare professional from the Castilla-La Mancha Health Service (SESCAM) in the province of Toledo in two weeks after a doctor and a nurse from the municipality of Santa Olalla were beaten by a patient they were treating at home. On that occasion, the aggressor tried to hit another health worker and the driver of the mobile ICU who had come to his house and hours later he was arrested by the Civil Guard.

As a result of these events, the Official College of Physicians of Toledo has described these attacks as "intolerant" "which have a negative impact on the quality of care." This institution has expressed its concern about the increase in these episodes against health personnel and has called for the need to promote "zero tolerance of violence, which undermines the relationship between doctor and patient." The College of Physicians considers that it is a “social problem” and that security in health centers should be reinforced.

For its part, the CSIF union has warned that these attacks "are too common" because to what happened in Chozas de Canales and Santa Olalla we must add another attack suffered by a doctor from the Buenavista neighborhood health center, in the city. de Toledo, on May 5 when he was doing home care. This union also claims that health professionals who attend these services at home can be accompanied by a security guard to guarantee their safety.

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