March 1, 2021

A Nicaraguan among survivors of the shipwreck of two ships in Honduras

At least one Nicaraguan survived the shipwreck of two boats in the Honduran Caribbean last Wednesday, in which 27 fishermen lost their lives, informed the Government of Nicaragua on Friday.

The Nicaraguan Salomón Macbeth Padilla was one of the 104 people rescued after the shipwrecks, informed the vice president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, through government media.

Macbeth was traveling on the fishing boat Waly, which was shipwrecked near Cayo Gorda, in the department (province) Gracias a Dios, bordering Nicaragua, according to the information provided by Murillo.

The 27 victims confirmed so far were divers who captured lobsters in the Waly, along with the Nicaraguan, according to the authorities.

The first lady also did not rule out that more Nicaraguans have been involved in the wrecks, since 9 fishermen are still missing, and the accident occurred off the coast of Cabo Gracias a Dios, which Nicaragua and Honduras share, and that attracts fishermen from both Nations

"The mayor of Waspam (north), Rose Cunningham, is in communication with the mayor of Puerto Lempira (José Edgardo Saicion), Honduras, because there were 88 people on the boat, 55 have been rescued, 27 are the deceased" said Murillo.

Three of the victims had not yet been recognized and no one has claimed their bodies, said Deputy Mayor of Puerto Lempira, Ana Julia Echeverría.

The presence of Nicaraguans on the second ship to be shipwrecked, Francely, was discarded, since all of its occupants, a total of 49, were rescued, according to information from the Honduran authorities.

The search for the disappeared continued on Friday.

Nicaragua did not say whether it will provide support for the search efforts carried out by Honduras.

The Honduran authorities have not reported on the causes of the shipwrecks, however, there are suspicions that could be related to overweight.

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