May 12, 2021

A New Social Network with a Difference!

Chat Online Live

Fed up of Facebook? Shadow banned on Twitter? LinkedIn just not for you? There is a new social network and we think you will love it!

Many years ago, before the big social networks were formed, people would go online and use mostly Yahoo chat to talk with others from around the world. Chat rooms died off as Facebook, Twitter and Google took over the internet. Today chat sites are becoming popular again and there is one such site that offers unique features that you will love!

Chat Online Live is about to take the internet by storm! Well it might do, it might not but we have taken a look at it and can’t see a reason why it shouldn’t take off and become a really popular social network. Most of the entire population of the world have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp or Skype, however, they are all becoming unwanted as data privacy breaches occur more often. Another thing is the damn right greed of the monopoly companies who own these networks. Advertising appears on almost every page or post you make.

It gets scary when you visit another website and find that your browser has been stuffed with cookies from Facebook. Your private messages turned into browser cookies so the billionaires can target ads that you are more likely to click on, generating vast amounts of revenue. Imagine a bit of software installed in an app that knows what you are saying, records keywords of your conversation and creates cookies to deliver relevant ads to your browser. Yes this is happening right now when you open most messenger apps. It is greed, it is not nice and it is completely against your privacy. Read the small print of any website and you can opt out. Finding the small print is made almost as impossible as opting out, so we continue to allow the billionaires to make huge amounts of money on our content and personal conversations!

Years ago, before the internet was controlled by a minority group of billionaires, we could chat freely without worrying about our personal data. You could enter a chat room without registration or simply using your email address. No verification of your ID, credit card, address, phone number etc, you could simply enter a chat room and chat. Your browser was always safe from advertising cookies, no one would profit from the time you spent online enjoying a conversation. Wouldn’t it be great if we could bring those days back! We have a chance to do so as there are many alternatives out there to the main social networks, we just have to find them, spread the word and hope our families and friends join up! Getting people to jump ship though is the hardest part. “I use Facebook because all my family are already on there”. Well if your family and friends really want and need to talk to you, tell them to join you elsewhere!

OK, now we introduce you to a social network that really isn’t a social network but is a chat site. Let’s face it, the main reason we use Facebook is to chat with family and friends, send messages, share photos and videos and private video chat. How about a site that allows you to do almost all of this but also doesn’t target your conversations with advertising. How about a site that doesn’t ask you to verify your ID, phone number, address, doesn’t ask for your drivers license or passport to create an account.

Chat Online Live Logo is a new chat site and has some great features. You can chat without registration in an open group text chat room, ideal to meet new people and learn about the site before signing up. If you do choose to create an account, it is done by simply entering a username, email address and a password. Afterwards you can chat using your webcam in an open group video chat room or create your own private or group video chat rooms. One to one chat with any other member or invite other members for group video chats. It offers “disposable chat rooms”, each time you create a chat room it gives you a unique link. You can also create a permanent video chat room and post it onto an Activity Feed for others to join. As long as your chat room link stays on the Activity Feed, your chat room is permanent, until you delete the link.

Chat rooms are not the only feature at “Chat Online Live”, you can also add a profile photo, cover and small bio about yourself. Browse the members directory, add friends and send private offline or online messages. The Activity Feed acts just like the Facebook wall allowing you to upload photos, videos and share links or anything you choose. Comment and like any post, photo or video. It is just like Facebook but without the advertising clutter or scary cookies!

So there you have it, lets see what happens over time and see if Chat Online Live becomes the next big thing in the social network industry. Let’s also hope a big monopoly doesn’t buy it out and stuff it with targeted advertising. In any case, take a look, register and share it with your family and friends. Give it a chance, it might just be the thing you have been looking for!