A new row caused by Vox forces to suspend the Plenary of the Assembly of Ceuta

The president of the Ceuta Assembly, the popular Juan Vivas, has suspended the plenary session of the city this Monday after the deputy of Vox Carlos Verdejo has accused the parliamentarians Fatima Hamed and Mohamed Alí of being "pro-Moroccan", according to the videos that has published the Ceuta Lighthouse.

The "prudent" Vivas aspires to give you "future" to Ceuta, which has governed since 2001 after the "blot" of his pact with Vox

The "prudent" Vivas aspires to give a "future" to the Ceuta that governs since 2001 after the "blur" of its pact with Vox

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It all started with an intervention by Verdejo, in response to Hamed, the spokesperson for the Movement for Dignity and Citizenship of Ceuta. "Regarding Mrs. Ahmed, who talks about breaking our consistency. It has been broken since you and the pro-Moroccans have been in this assembly," accused the spokesman for the far-right formation.

The harsh words have provoked the reaction of Vivas: "What you do is lethal damage to Ceuta, because those are the theses of Morocco." Vivas has continued: "The thesis of Morocco is that in the society of Ceuta, a city which they describe as occupied, it is made up of a Spanish population and a Moroccan population AND they associate Moroccan with Muslim." "They are the theses of Morocco and there are the theses that Morocco wants to hear," he has settled.

"Let it be clear. All the members of this assembly are and we feel Spanish. Let it be heard here and also in Rabat, which is also necessary," he continued afterwards, while the tone in the Assembly has been abronous.

Verdejo has insisted on the tone until Vivas has asked him: "Where is the evidence that there is a member of the Assembly here who is rendering service to Morocco?"

"In each of the proposals and speeches of this assembly. Another thing is that you like that speech because it allows you to continue with your beach bar," the Vox spokesperson replied. At that time, the president of the Assembly has suspended the plenary session amid shouts of the deputies.

Before, Hamed had questioned Verdejo: "I do not know if he is aware not only of the damage he does to the city but of how ridiculous and hideous it is to question the nationality of the people because of their religious creed." "Is that what you want the parental pin for? What do you intend to teach children, that if you are not Catholic, Apostolic and Roman, you are not a good Spaniard?"

This is not the first row in the plenary session carried out by the ultra-rightist formation. On May 27, Vivas was also forced to suspend a plenary session, although it was later resumed, due to a verbal confrontation between deputies from Vox and the PP.

It is also a new staging of the distance between the two formations after the rupture in November of last year of the Government pact they had reached less than a year ago.


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