November 30, 2020

A new EU project will help optimize water use in cities

The Life Watercool project of the European Union will develop a tool that will optimize the use of water in European cities, even in extreme situations such as floods or droughts, for the benefit of the urban environment, and to improve the quality of citizen life in Seville, where will be performed.

This initiative, which started this Wednesday in the Spanish capital with its launch meeting and four years of work ahead thanks to the co-financing of the EU Life Program, will use advanced bioclimatic technologies.

The pilot plan will initially be tested in the surroundings of the Red Cross Avenue in the Macarena district of the Andalusian capital, although the objective is that it can be replicated in other parts of the city and in other European cities.

According to the documentation presented to Brussels, Life Watercool will demonstrate that “one can work with an integrative and systemic concept of water infrastructure in the face of threats of climate change”

According to sources from the Metropolitan Water Supply and Sanitation Company of Seville (Emasesa), which leads the project, “it connects with the urban model with which we started working in 2017 to address the problems arising from climate change, always counting on the opinions and support of the citizens themselves in the intervened areas. “

This model includes the work recently done on Avenida del Greco to “apply sustainability criteria and urban bioclimatic improvement” as well as the CartujaQanat project in order to revitalize the space of the island of La Cartuja and “recover the spirit of work of climatic conditioning of the Universal Exhibition of 1992 “.

In that sense, Life Watercool “is a third step in this type of interventions to progressively improve the quality of life of the citizen,” the sources added.

In addition to Emasesa, this European project has the support of the City Council of Seville, the technology company SDOS, the University of Seville and EFEverde of EFE360, the specialized environmental information platform of the Efe Agency.


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