A new electric cut meets 14 hours in a part of Venezuela

The most recent blackout recorded by Venezuela on Friday night has been maintained for at least 14 hours in several states of the country, while almost all of Caracas already has electricity, but until now the authorities have ruled on the matter.

The cut occurred in almost all of Venezuela near 19:00 on Friday, local time (23.00 GMT), has been maintained in western states such as Barinas, Trujillo and Zulia; They assured locals to Efe.

In several cities of the country, the energy service has shown intermittency in the last hours, as happened last night for several seconds before the final cut that according to local media reports affected 21 of the 23 states.

Faced with this oscillation of light, citizens have chosen in many cases to disconnect their appliances to prevent damage as has happened with thousands of devices in the history of blackouts in Venezuela of the last decade, according to Parliament data.

So far, the mayor of the municipality of Caracas Libertador, the official Erika Farias, has informed through Twitter of 90% restitution of electricity supply in that jurisdiction in which all public powers are based and is considered a bastion of the ruling Chavismo .

The governor of Miranda, Héctor Rodríguez, pointed out in his last report in the same social network that for 02.00, local time (06.00 GMT), that region near Caracas had recovered the light in 60% of its territory.

Meanwhile, the governor of Anzoategui (east), Antonio Barreto, told Efe that the federal entity lost electricity in its entire territory on Friday night and that on Saturday, the north of the state continues without electricity.

In Caracas, once again the Metro service, through which hundreds of thousands of citizens move daily, is inoperative as in the blackouts of day 7, when the country was paralyzed for a week, and in the Monday after 72 hours the Government took for granted.

The ruling Nicolás Maduro this month has blamed the United States and the Venezuelan opposition for the "sabotage" of the power supply, affirming, in addition, that there had been "electromagnetic" and "long-range rifle" attacks against the electrical system.

The Venezuelan opposition blames the Executive for the failures in the system, assuring that the ineptitude and mismanagement of the millionaire resources destined to the electric sector were the real causes of the cut.


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