Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

A new concert by Aretha Franklin becomes a documentary

The hidden treasure of Aretha Franklin, Amazing grace, comes to light. The Queen of Soul put the public upright in 1972 in a church in Los Angeles, where the film director Sydney Pollak he filmed it during two of his gospel concerts of one of his most famous albums.

50 years after filming, the unpublished images are compiled into a documentary

The material remained stored in several boxes without being published for decades because Pollak recorded the concerts without clapperboard, with the impossibility of synchronizing the image and the sound.

The filmmaker, before passing away, gave the material to the producer and producer Alan
Elliot. But Aretha Franklin's refusal in 2008 also didn't allow Elliot to edit the images of the singer's concerts.

After the death of the soul diva, on August 16, 2018, the family members from Franklin they reached a agreement for the distribution of
Amazing grace
. "It's the heart and soul of Aretha Franklin," the singer's niece, Sabrina Owens, told US media.


The advance of what will come to Spanish cinemas next 4th of October You can already taste it online. After the death of the singer just a year ago, and with the agreement of her relatives, the documentary film it will cause us to revive the soul diva again and that we feel inside that church listening to its melody.

The trailer lets see the feeling of pleasure that the public felt before the unmistakable voice of Franklin, with particular strength and passion. Specifically, the American newspaper The New Yorker He has described the documentary as "a miracle."

For its part, The New York Times, recommends to the viewer that "do not bother to take handkerchiefs, take a towel", and Los Angeles Times refers to the film as "a tremor of the soul."

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