Sat. Jan 25th, 2020

A new clothing brand reinforces the legend of "Chapo" Guzmán in Mexico

The feared drug trafficker Joaquín "el Chapo" Guzmán is the undisputed star of a clothing brand presented at the Intermoda event in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, further enhancing its impact on the collective imagination.

The line of clothes and accessories takes the nickname of the capo and the number 701 -the place that Forbes magazine gave him in the list of the richest men in the world- and was designed by the daughter of the capo, Alejandrina Guzmán.

The clothes cost from 701 pesos (about 33 euros) to 15,000 pesos (around 700 euros), and have been very well received in Intermoda hours before the sentence is handed down against the drug trafficker in a court in New York.

The spokesman, Gilberto de Anda, told Efe on Wednesday that the brand is 13 years old, but it is the first time that the 19 designs that make up the first collection are shown in a space for sale to the public.

He explained that the daughter of Chapo is the one who had the idea of ​​exploiting the image of his father in fashion and sold the rights to a company in Guadalajara to take care of the distribution of clothing in stores.

He has admitted that people have been interested in "morbid". "It also awakens (the morbid) obviously, and also the morbid sells, but we are not hanging, we are not interested," he added.

Dozens of onlookers have approached the space that the brand has in the headquarters of Intermoda. Some looked in disbelief, others even bought some accessory.

The face of the imprisoned Sinaloa Cartel leader appears on the walls of the stand, on the garments and even in the boxes where the clothes are kept.

His story is briefly told on the labels that accompany each piece where, ignoring passages of his story, the criminal is described as "a humble orange vendor" and "a willing and attentive leader".

The collection includes jackets, shirts and jackets for men and blouses.

All have a logo with the initials of the most famous drug trafficker in the world, others its face, some images of skulls or the symbol of Mexican pesos and others, the legend "Lord of the mountains" ("Lord of the mountains"), He is known in his native state of Sinaloa.

In addition to clothing, the brand sells accessories such as belts, wallets, bracelets and liquor stores that, according to advertising, are made by inmates of the Puente Grande prison, the same prison that El Chapo escaped in 2001.

"The fundamental idea is to raise funds for a civil association that is being formed and that what is marketed, all the profit obtained from it, go to a fund that is in Puente Grande." People are being given money, they are being helped so that those who fell into the misfortune of drugs benefit, "the spokesman assured.

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