January 27, 2021

A new attack of a dog on a child in Granollers

A new attack of a dog on a child in Granollers

"I was with my friend, we were taking some pictures. Five minutes before we had seen the owner with two dogs and one of those was the one that bit me. Maybe he heard me laugh or something and my friend says to me: "what a dog is coming". I did not believe it, I turn around and a dog comes. We ran, we climbed a wall and the dog came around the wall and caught me. Before he caught me, I tried to climb a tree and then he threw me, he started to bite me. I was defending until a man came who called the dog by name and left. " Who counts this last case of aggression of a dog that went without muzzle or leash is a child under 13 years. Not properly tied or muzzled to the dog, an American Staffordshire, as the mother of the child, Margarita, tells us, caused her injuries of various kinds as a result of numerous bites. "I could not tell you how many points they gave him. He had to go through the operating room twice, because his wounds were infected. It has bites in both feet, in one hand … But the wound in the right ankle is the most serious, the doctor told us that he had four damaged fibers of the Achilles tendon. " "The surgeon has not told us how many points he has. But it turns the ankle, "adds the father.

"If instead of being thirteen years old the child is smaller or less clever, the dog would have killed him," says David Arcos, a canine legal expert for Peludos Educator. It was he who put us in touch with the minor's family. He wants these cases to be denounced because they are increasing. "The number of dog attacks is increasing, and that most of the time is not reported. This can not continue happening. "

"He has pulled a lot of meat," says Margarita. "In addition to the points, the doctor has left gaps in case he is reinfected …". They have a dog, and they do not understand how someone goes with their dogs and one of them rushes and attacks in this way a child decides not to avoid aggression. It is that neither approached my son. Fortunately, the boy's friend ran out and started calling neighbors and the police asking for help. That's when the father-in-law of the dog owner arrived and when he called the dog he left my son. " These events occurred on February 13 in a field of Granollers, once a football field. Last Wednesday the youngest went to one of the priests, on Thursday the surgeon saw him. This week he will see again the doctor who operated on him, the nervous mother tells us in case she is told that she has to go through the operating room. Despite the brutality of the attack, for which the child has been hospitalized for nine days and now goes on crutches, "the owner of the dog has not contacted us. Through the Police they have told us that the owner is very affected and that he asked us for forgiveness. But, how are we going to forgive him? It did not stop the aggression, I do not understand how someone can have such an aggressive dog, and I do not say it because of the breed, but because this dog is aggressive seeing the aggression of my son. " A minor who, despite having a French bulldog at home, has, at least today, dogs panic. It is logical. "The other day I was with my son and we saw a woman in the street with a dog and she asked me to put myself in the middle so as not to pass near the animal. He has nightmares, dreams that the dog catches him, kills him, trembles and stutters. The friend is also having nightmares. I understand that you have a dog of that race, but with that aggressiveness I do not understand it, I was enraged ". Due to the seriousness of the injuries inflicted on his son, and to prevent him from being able to attack another child again, the parents have filed a complaint. If we were younger, maybe we would be talking about the death of a child again due to the abandonment of functions by the owners.

"Since the end of the year to date there have been at least three serious dog attacks in Granollers, such as that of a woman attacked by two PPPs who have had her fingers reconstructed. But my colleagues from Madrid and Mallorca also say that dog attacks are on the rise. " Therefore, David emphasizes that dogs considered PPP, like the American Stanford, have to go with muzzle and leash, in addition the owner has to be licensed PPP; license that is only linked to a chip of an animal, can not walk anyone. And those who have a complaint even if they are not considered PPP, they also have to go with a muzzle. In addition, all dog owners, whether or not they are PPP, must know that they have an obligation to carry them tied, whatever their breed or size. On the mountain too. There have been podencos that when going loose in the mountain they have thrown to the ground cyclists. They can only be released in properly fenced dog parks, with their water and others. In the case of PPPs, the owners know that they can not take off their muzzles, they know it, and they do not care. Canine educators have to insist on this. "

In 2018 at least five people died from dog attacks, since 2010 the figure rises to 18, according to the information that has been appearing in the press. Therefore, "it is very important that owners pay attention to the recommendations of canine educators. Most of the problems are by the owners. A dog needs to be educated and it takes time. Society is not prepared for what dogs, whether or not PPP. Before having a dog you have to know your genetic lineage to not end up having an aggressive dog. "


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